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My Reeboks

Dear All,

I want to start my last email from America to you all with a quote from an email that a friend of mine sent me. I am not mentioning names but it is the nicest thing that anyone has said to me in a long time and I wanted to share it with you.

“You are one of the most thoughtful people I know and I sincerely feel honoured to be included in your list of friends.”

You know who you are, it meant a lot, thank you.

I did manage to meet up with Leah while I was in San Francisco on the last night that we were there when we went to a German restaurant with Alesha and Scott too. It was so lovely to see her and we gossiped all night. It is such a pity that we couldn’t have spent more time together but she wanted all the time left that she was with her boyfriend which is fair enough. When she goes to Spain in October for a few months to learn Spanish and Flamenco dancing she is going to try and make it over to the UK and visit and so that should be pretty cool.

Now onto what I have been up to whilst here in the hills north east of Sacramento. We have been staying with Chloe’s grandparents, Pops and Patricia in a small town called Placerville, also known as ‘Hangman’s Town’. Of course Chloe neglected to tell us that until we saw it on the signs! It was a place where in the 19th century and before they used to hang people. There is now a bar over the exact spot and amusingly they have a dummy hanging, quite literally, outside on the wall with a nose around its neck!

The first day that we got here we went out to a Mexican restaurant. Kev has been dying to go for a Mexican as long as we can remember and so Chloe and I relented and went. It wasn’t too bad but I had little choice as everything has peppers in it and I didn’t fancy another night like in Asuncion sitting by the loo all evening waiting to chuck. I had some nachos that didn’t have peppers on them. They weren’t that bad.

We went to Lake Taho which is on the borders of the states of Nevada and California and we saw it from both sides and from a high point called Mount Rose which is 8,000 ft high. Even from there the water was amazingly clear. We went and saw a bay called Emerald Bay which was simply stunning. The waster was, as I am sure you can all work out from the name, the colour of emeralds. It was quite extraordinary and simply beautiful.

I thankfully managed to get out of going to church with Pops and Patricia as I could see that I would have got a serious case of the giggles as it is all electric guitars, dancing, backing singers and flashing disco lights. Not my scene at all I am afraid. I felt that I should have gone because of all of the tragedies of the previous weeks but I am ashamed to say that I didn’t.

On Monday we went to a place called Grass Valley where Pops used to live when he was married to Chloe’s grandmother and we went to visit the grave and it was really freaky as Pops name was on the grave too, waiting for the date that he dies to be filled in. I felt a shudder go down my spine when I saw that. We looked at all of the old places that he went to school and lived throughout his life and so on and so forth. It was more a trip down memory lance for Chloe and him but I found it fascinating. It is very weird to think that he is only 5 years older than my own father. We then went shooting in a place called the Greenhorn. It is usually a river but it is pretty much dried up and it is a mere trickle at the moment. Don’t worry readers, we were shooting at targets and I have to say I was really quite pleased with myself – I managed to hit the targets on several occasions. I shot a 22 calibre rifle and a 25 calibre pistol that was beautiful. I didn’t use the others that Pops had as I was too scared by the loud bang for starters and also by the kick back. One of the guns which was an M1 was used in WWII. That was fascinating, as the night before we had watched Saving Private Ryan which I had never seen before. They were using those guns in there and after I saw the difficulty that Chloe had in shooting it and it made me realise just how difficult it is to run and shoot at the same time. Pops was telling us all about when he used them in WWII when he was posted in Japan. It was also fascinating hearing about all his experiences during the war whilst we were watching the film.

Kev left last Wednesday and Chloe cooked a delicious supper the night before he left to bid him adieu. We were even joined by three buck at one point that were not more than 15 ft away. Quite amazing.

On Thursday it was Pop’s 75th birthday and we had a surprise party for him which went down really well and he had no idea. If he did have an idea he hid it pretty well! There were all of Patricia’s sisters and some other friends form the church and Alesha made it up from San Francisco. It was a really special day for him and he really seemed to enjoy it. The presents that he got do leave a little to be desired. One was a leopard print thong and there was talk at one point that he should model it for us or maybe just for Patricia, she was not best pleased with that idea I have to say. The look on her face was highly amusing!

Yesterday we went to a place called Apple Hill, Chloe’s heaven I have to say! I wasn’t particularly enthralled with the idea of looking at lots of apple orchards, in my book, once you have seen one, you have seen them all!! Anyway, we managed to divert after seeing one and Chloe buying 20, that’s apples not boxes! We headed towards a vineyard, more my cup of tea! We had a good hour of tasting and had a ball and even came away with a couple of bottles, 2 of which I plan to take home. Someone pointed out that they might not let me take glass on to the plane as hand luggage. ‘Oh no!’ I said well I will have to tell the people at check in that I am not leaving them behind and that I would sit there and drink them. Now that would make the flight a lot more comfortable, it would certainly calm the nerves!!

We went to the cinema last night which was hilarious. We saw a film called Rat Race which is a comedy about a race for the people to get the money that an owner of on of the casino’s in Las Vegas had hidden. I am not going to tell you any more. I doubt that it is out over there yet but I highly recommend that you all go and se it. I laughed my head off. Chloe was telling me to shut up as I was laughing so loudly at one point and no doubt embarrassing her senseless!

No it is back to Sunday again and thank the lord (no pun intended) I managed to get out of church this morning. Chelle, Chloe’s Mum brought Scott’s computer around this arvo and we have been typing away all afternoon. I can’t believe that this is it. The end, no more group emails. Back to life in the UK. Do I really want to go back? Yes and no is the answer. I am so used to life on the road and living out of a suitcase it will be quite weird to have all of my stuff in the cupboard at No 55. I bet though it will take me about a week to unpack it all!! I have got double the amount of clothes that I came out with and I have an extra bag. I am going to miss not moving on to another town every other day, we have all sorts of things going on here the whole time that I think that I will be really bored back at No 55.

What in hells name am I going to do without Chloe? For god’s sake I have been sharing a bed with the girl for the past 3 weeks. I will be glad to have covers though that she doesn’t nick in the night and I bet that she will be glad to be rid of my tossing and turning all night. It’s going to be real strange without her. 24 hours a day pretty much I have been with her and now I am leaving her in the capable (?) hands of Ross when she arrives in Japan.

As for the title, well, my beloved Reeboks that have lasted me well, I have worn them pretty much every day since I have been here, got pretty busted yesterday when Chloe caught the back of the them and the sole ripped. That solves the problem of whether I am going to take them back or not then!! Bye bye my beloved NON SMELLY Reeboks.

I am off shopping tomorrow for a final few things, I can’t fit that much more in the bag and I certainly don’t have the strength to carry it all! On Tuesday we are taking the car back. No nasty incidents although I did nearly loose the keys on Friday. I was clearing out the car as the tins of palm hearts were smelling really bad. I had the car key on my little finger and was filling up a plastic bag and chucked it in the bin by the supermarket trying to be good by tidying up. The keys must have gone in there too without my realising until I got to the checkout and looked for them. The trash can had been emptied and so I had to get the manager to look in “Jaws” the trash shute at the back of the store. Luckily they were found but my word it was a tense moment!

I am going to stay with Chloe’s cousin Alesha the night before I go as Chloe and her Mum and Scott are staying in a hotel near San Hose airport where Chloe is leaving from.

So that’s my movements. When I get home I am at my parents till Sunday morning when I am driving back to Bath for my final year. Their number is 01672563420 as my mobile won’t be working for a couple of days as it is cut off at the moment and I need to get it reconnected. Try that too though guys if you want to get a hold of me. 07866588679. Bath no 01225471575.

Friends, as pretty much all of you know the birthday is soon and so another party plan is in the making. I think that it is on a Saturday this year and I think that we will probably be painting the town pink, or what ever colour you please. All those who live further away, if you are planning on joining in the madness then let me know. There is plenty of floor space after the spare bed, the Z bed and my bed. As those who came last year will know, it is always a hoot. Ill probably do supper at mine first. Anyway keep the weekend free is the main message. (1st December for those of you those have not got it tattooed on your brain!)

Loads of love and hugs and so on and so forth. Kind of excited to speak to you and see you all again. Last email will come from No 55 once I am settled in on Sunday.




Neddy – Yes I am going to be at home. I hope that the party goes well. I am sorry that I am not going to be there and to keep things moving and amusing! Looking forward to seeing you honeeyyyyyyyyy. Rock on Milton Lilbourne!

Mrs Mackintosh – I have got the girls little presents from over here. I thought that it would be nice if I sent them to them. Getting parcels at school is always a real excitement! Please could you send me their addresses, thank you!

Hugo – going to get the hat tomorrow, I hope that I get the right one

Farts – WESTLIFE oh my god, count me in yes, yes, yes, please, please, please!!!!!! Why did you even bother to ask me, you should have just got me one and then told me!

Kev – Hope that the bible is coming in use and that you aren’t missing our company too much. Have you caught up with Alehsa? She has your T-shirt and pen knife. I decided not to send the smelly socks with her, I think that Pops is going to make use of them! I found the Chilli Peppers CD in the car and so I will record it and send it to you on my return. Quite lucky really!

Jap – Si – are you alive?

Rowena – date for the party in London looks cool. I am not quite sure that I will bring who you recommended. He has little time for me and so I am sure that he would not spare time from his “busy schedule”

Em – I sent you a text. I am not registering this week; I am not back in time. I am going to have to pay a ridiculous £25. Please collect my timetable and so on and anything else I might need or forms I need to fill in. Check to see if SHE is there, I am not in your group if she is. Could you see if you can get my results, I want to know how my retake went? Please let me have passed! Call Mum and Dad and leave your number there.

Sam – that’s not so bad then

Andy – Yes I am still over here!

Ile – Pause woman – Don’t stress I am back in 4 days and then I will be on the phone to sort your life out. Chill woman and love to Aneta.

Erica – you will have moved onto campus today. I hope that you are settling in well. Tell me where you are and I will come and visit when I am back on campus.

Uncle John – I am worried about you, that is why I got Mum and Dad to tell you to email me.

Roy – thank you for all the photos. They look really cool.

James – hey honey, it looks like you are having a really cool time out there and are meeting loads of new people. Just don’t forget us!!! Look forward to hearing the next update.

Ed – looking forward to you coming to stay soon. Mum is getting the photos done and so I will send them to you when I get home.

Audrey – have a good time with Nannie, I wish that I was with you all, it would be such good fun but quite strange for Nannie I guess! I’ll call you soon I promise. Love to everyone.

Bob a job – Showed quite a few people the poetic genius that you wrote, they were impressed, I am not sure whether it was because it was so good or so bad!! Only kidding hun.

Bob’s Poem / Rhyme!

There were three travellers to San Francisco

As Bob and Si left, they said – “Don’t go!”

Their pain was clearly quite mighty,

But Bob and Si just had to go back to Blighty.

The first is something we all do know,

And that is that Kev’s a Gypsy – Barlow.

For sure we all know that Jap-Si too,

With all those steaks his stomach grew!

Throughout the girls were on a high

While Bob was just …………. Well aye!!!

Now it’s all over you’re like our sisters and brother

But the one we all know best is Kev’s mother

So once again I’ll say bye bye,

But don’t start again, please …… don’t cry!!

Mum, Dad and Huge – can’t wait to see you guys, Huge are you going to be there when I get home or will you be in Bristol? I hope that you will be at home so that I can see you. I love you and have missed you all. See you on Thursday at the airport. Can you remember what I look like???!!!







A Message from the President

The Round Office,

The Fishy Smelling House,

Pier 39,

San Francisco,


Fellow friends, comrades, relatives,

I would like to thank you all for your kind messages that bunny and I (aka the First Teddy!) have received over the past few days concerning the atrocities that have occurred over on the East Coast of the United States. I do ask though that you stop calling my parents, as touched as they are, calls at 12 at night are really not very welcome (you know who you are!). Only kidding, they obviously hear much more from me than most of you do and so if you want any info then call them during daylight hours.

I seriously thought it was a joke when my vice, Chloe (with two dots over the “e”) Wright, woke me at some unearthly hour of the morning to inform me. Obviously there was little that I could do to help at that time but to sit and watch the terrible events unfold. You will all, I hope, be pleased to hear that I and my party are indeed safe over on the west coast in San Francisco. There have been scares and the city was on alert but it is mildly calmer now in comparison to what it was.

We managed to make it into Mexico from San Diego which I forgot to mention in the last email as I was in such a rush as the car was running out of time on the meter. We managed to get in and out with hardly a look at the passport which seems just so ridiculous compared to the last experience with Bob and the “you have effectively deported yourself” saga. We had a beer and tried our hardest not to be lured into a nightclub (well more like day-club that wanted us to go in and enjoy the music as it was 2 in the afternoon – bizarre!) We had a beer and headed on towards LA.

We met Chloe’s cousin on the weekend which was really nice and got told about how to walk up to the Hollywood sign. I have to say that I did not do the walk but read some delightful piece of literature in the car instead. We tried to do the Grave Line tour but we could not follow the directions and didn’t know any of the places that they mentioned. I think that you need to know the city a lot better than we did and also I think that you need a much better map than we actually had. We don’t seem to be too good on getting maps that are any good at all. It makes the drive even more amusing to say the least!

The drive to San Fran was beautiful, all along the coast, me doing the driving on the twisty windy roads. I think that Kev would have rather that he was driving though. My father would have been useless as there were sheer drops down to the sea. As they drive on the right hand side of the road over here though we were right in against the cliff. It was also rather fraught trying to find the Econolodge, our last one that we will be staying in (I am wiping away the tears!). I had read the directions and could see the road signs and was following them but I was told to go another way that led us down the wrong way, Oh well, we all learn from experiences like that I guess!

On our first day here we cancelled all of our engagements with our friends and relatives here as they and we wanted to sit in and watch the unfolding events of the tragedy. It was extraordinary, we heard nothing about London being shut down or anything on the American News and that the whole world was on alert until a friend of Chloe’s called. Trying to call home was a nightmare as the lines were obviously constantly busy. Luckily they knew that I was alright at home and so when I eventually managed to get through to speak to them they were not in a blind panic or frankly in the least bit worried!

Yesterday we went to an area of San Francisco called the Mission where a ½ cousin of Chloe’s lives and we thought that we were meeting her for a coffee and then she was going to suggest a few places that we should go. Instead she had a whole tour mapped out for us that she took us on and it was an excellent tour. We had lunch in this delicious place that is owned by Francis Ford Coppella and he has a vineyard in the Napa valley and some of his wines we had a tasting of in the restaurant and then had a really scrummy lunch. From there we moved off to Chinatown. Amusingly also known as Pink Bag city by the locals as all of the shops give you pink plastic bags with no writing on to carry your shopping home in. We then hit the shops.

We went to FAO Schwartz which was excellent fun. It is where they filmed the scene from the film Big with Tom Hanks in with that wicked floor piano. Unfortunately the HUGE one is no longer there but there is a largish one there that you can play on and you can also buy one kind of similar but I managed to resist that one!!! I did get a lot of stuff in there though that I am really chuffed with. I can’t mention what it is as some of it is going to the recipients of this email and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

I managed to make it to a Hello Kitty store which was brilliant and I managed to get a couple of pairs of trousers which my legs, which were turning blue from the cold by then, were very appreciative of! I managed to leave my one pair of trousers at Audrey’s (Audrey – they have arrived at Chloe’s grandparents – thank you! I will call soon, I promise. Not long until Nannie arrives!!) They are comfy, which is more than can be said for the others that I brought! Anyway enough about my clothes!!

I have managed to get all of my America photos developed which I am really pleased with and I have stuck them all in an album or two with all of the bits and pieces that I have picked up along the way and have been given by others, Si the precious metro card has gone in, fret not! I am waiting now for the latest film to be developed of the end of LA and San Francisco while I am typing. Some of the photos are REALLY good and I look forward to showing them all to you.

Today Chloe and I have been to visit Alcatraz. Wow! What an experience. It is really eerie over there it is unreal and I am really surprised that there are so many survivors that did not come out with mental disorders or communicating difficulties. We saw one bloke that was a survivor that was guiding a tour and there were a lot that were talking on the headset tour that we did. I have managed to get some really amusing souvenirs but mainly I bought yet more postcards, mainly for the photo album / scrap book. You would all be really disgusted by the amount of postcards that I have sent on this trip, but those of you that have been with me won’t be at all surprised, it is now well over 100! That is a lot of money and a lot of writing and so I hope that you have all appreciated them all.

We are going out to supper this evening, with or without Kev, he did not join us last night and had a MASSIVE hang over this morning after arriving back last night at about 12:30 as nissed as a pewt! Woke me up and I was not best pleased about that but I lay still and pretended that I was asleep, I have no idea how Chloe managed to sleep through the racket that he made when he came in. Lucky cow! Anyway. We are meeting with Alisha, Chloe’s cousin and her boyfriend and I am also meeting with Leah and her new boyfriend and we are all going out to supper. I really can’t wait to see Leah, the last time that I saw her was in Romania the first time that I was there in ’98 as she was teaching in a school in Bucharest, Cosbuc for all you Romanian linked people that don’t remember with Josh and Holly and so we got to meet her by that and we have kept in touch since we both left. Originally it was meant to be just Xmas and birthday but it has been a bit more regular than that which has been really cool. I think that we are also going to meet her for brunch tomorrow before we leave for Chloe’s grandparents.

So the plan is that I am returning home at 18:30 my time (that 2am the following day your time – UK) on the 26th of September and I am flying to Paris on flight AF0831 and I arrive there at 13:55 Paris time and leave Paris on flight AF 1870 at 15:00 and arrive at London Heathrow to a small but smiling group of people who will be very glad to see me, namely my parents, unless Hugo decides to crop up too, at 15:10 on the 27th of September which is a Thursday. So now you all know my movements and can listen in about all of the planes and know that I am not in the middle of somewhere I shouldn’t be. I am hoping that that will be the plans, I may have to change them if the lack of flights continues any longer. Fingers crossed it won’t, I am quite scared about flying home anyway now as a result and I am doing it all on my own. At least the first Teddy will be with me to “hold my hand”! (What would I do without Bunny I wonder?!!)

My love and big hugs and kisses to one and all and I hope to hear from you all soon.



No more personal comments apart from to thank each and every one of you that has texted me, emailed me and called my parents to find out that I am ok and not effected. It is so nice to know that I have such a strong group of friends behind me supporting and caring about me every step of the way. You are ALL very special to me.





















What the hell am I doing Drinking in LA – Bran Van 3000

No, its alright, don’t panic the sunburn has nearly gone. What a relief!! I am so hot in tops that are covering my shoulders. It is much hotter here in LA than it was in Vegas, well it certainly feels that way. In reality it is not!

Having a fab time. Went to Disney Land with Chloe 2 days ago which was wonderful. I finally got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, WOW and I go to go inside their houses and get autographs and everything. Chloe was highly embarrassed by my over excitement but it was pure bliss to say the least. I just hope that the photos come out ok. Kev decided not to join us on that little adventure. At least that meant that Chloe and I could have some cheesy music in the car without any complaints. Kev is complaining that he is going deaf from the bad loud music that we play in the car. I don’t think so, I think that he just needs his ears cleaning out!

Went to Universal Studios yesterday which was fabulous. Went on loads of rides and got soaked on the Jurassic Park one. I was clever and put on the poncho that we brought just before we got on the ride whilst Kev thought that he would be hard and not, he soon regretted it when he came off looking absolutely soaked!

We tried to book our tour round Hollywood that we had so been looking forward to. We were going to go around in a Cadillac hearse to see all the sights where people were shot, raped, murdered and so on, it would have been excellent, but unfortunately the bloke seems to have stopped doing it.

We have managed to get Chloe skipping not quite so early in the morning and so at least we are getting a little bit of a lie in. I have to say that I am definitely not a morning person compared to Chloe who always looks like she has swallowed a whole bag of sugar. I think that the others are getting used to that fact, slowly.

As I said, we are on Hollywood Boulevard at the moment with all of the stars on the ground and the names of people on and so on. I think that Kev is on a mission to find Bob Dylan’s. Chloe and I have made a pact that as soon as he goes off looking we are heading into a coffee shop, I would rather jump off the Eiffel Tower I think than hunt for his star. Bob and Si you will be proud to hear that we have had NO Bob Dylan played since you left, nearly a week ago now, my how time flies!!

We have seen the Hollywood sign which was SO disappointing as I thought that it was going to be way larger than it actually is, very disappointing. I have to find it again though as I ran out of film last night as I took a photo of Chloe with Dracula, no that is not our nickname for Kev; it was a character at Universal!

Hmmnn, what else to tell you? Worryingly Chloe has got Kev running every other evening. I have never seen anyone so red and sweating so much as when he comes back. And they say that running is meant to do you good. As you can tell I am not joining them and have no intentions of doing so in the future either. Me running, now that really would be a sight and a half!

Went down Rodeo Drive earlier today and managed to keep Chloe out of the shops and in her bank manager’s good books by keeping her locked in the car. She would have been a nightmare. I am already having to buy another bag to cart home all of the presents that I have brought and the clothes that I have stocked up on whilst they are cheap. I couldn’t possibly take another case full of stuff of hers back too. Already I fall over backwards I would look like the turtle in the Kit Kat ad- you know the one that can’t get back up again! Quite a sight!

Well I had better go, the money on the car is about to run out and I am getting some weird looks from people that run the Chinese adjacent to the internet place. I am not having a Chinese for lunch GO AWAY!!!!

Hope that all is well with you. Only about 17 days till I am home, that is the 27th of September at 3:10pm for those of you that keep asking me but who I forget to answer. Remember my mobile is cut off and 55’s answer machine is turned off too, if you need to get hold of me leave a message with my Mum or drop a note through the door with your Bath Number on (that goes to all you college buddies) and if you know of anyone else’s drop that around too.

Loads of love and hugs and kisses to one and all, miss you and hope to hear form you soon,



Mum and Dad – Missing you loads. A pity about Tom. At least I tried, please tell Angie. BIG HUGS AND KISSES.

Huge – was it blue or black NYC cap that you wanted? Reply by text or email, preferably the former or I will get a pink one!

Sorry no time for personal messages for anyone else, next time chickens.20110829-212324.jpg20110829-212331.jpg20110918-164548.jpg20110918-164558.jpg20110918-164608.jpg20110918-164617.jpg20110918-164629.jpg20110918-164727.jpg20110918-164741.jpg20110918-164748.jpg20110918-164757.jpg20110918-164825.jpg20110918-164836.jpg20110918-164846.jpg20110918-164854.jpg20110918-164902.jpg20110918-164910.jpg20110918-164916.jpg











Leg 3, Minus 2

Dear All,

Well I have been away from the emails for quite a few days now and I had a ridiculously full inbox with a mere 88 messages! Glad to hear that all is well with all of you and that we managed to thrash Germany 5-1! That has put me in a good mood despite the aching sunburn.

Well where to start, we have done so much since I last wrote. El Paso was not really as good as we had hoped it would be. We thought that we would take a peep at the border and then turn around as we can’t go over with the car. We got slightly stuck though as we had to come back in though American Customs as we went a little too far before we did our U-turn. Something that we are getting quite familiar with doing now (U-Turns I mean). We had to come back I through American customs and they were none too impressed with our little mistake. “State your citizenship” was shouted at us through the window and we had to show our passports. All of us bar Bob had ours on us. His was in the boot and he was about to get out to get it and he was shouted at to stay in the car and we had to go off to a special bay where he could get his passport out to show the officials. We were asked where we are heading to and we said Las Vegas and we were told, by the officer who had a very bemused face on answering, that we were no where near Las Vegas and once Bob had got his passport he was told that he had effectively deported himself. I think that it was a case of you had to be there to find it funny. The long and the short of it was that we never actually made it to Mexico – not through lack of trying though!

SO we headed to the Grand Canyon and Chlo, Bob and I all took a helicopter ride over the magnificent view. It was really the only way to see it as we got to see so much and the colours of the rock are just SO amazing it is unreal. Then we went into the park and saw it from the top which was cool as at least we got to see that we had got our monies worth by going up in the helicopter. I just wish that I was a rich bitch and could have paid for Kev and Si to come up with us so that they could have seen too how amazing it was. It was pretty hot in the Grand Canyon but nothing compared to Las Vegas.

Chloe treated us all to a couple of nights in a plush hotel in Vegas, right on the strip which was excellent. I was really surprised that she could actually find anywhere as it was Labour Day weekend, like the last Bank Holiday of the summer and so everyone would be out in force. We didn’t tell the lads about it until we were there as we were meant to be staying in another trusty Econolodge – little did they know! They were pleasantly surprised, if not a little overwhelmed by it. It was ace though. We had a King sized bed in each room and the boys also had a roll away bed. Simon was not at all happy about having to share a bed with Kev (well I think it was more the idea of sharing a bed with a bloke that he was worried about). Such a fuss was made it was hilarious and so I felt I had to tell you all as he is getting this email as well. Ha ha Si!! But then on the other hand if you get an email from him, which he threatened, believe nothing and someone, please forward what he wrote! Also Mum and Dad there was a mention of them coming to visit you. DON’T LET THEM!!!!

There was a massive bath in the room as well called a love tub which Chloe and I filled up and jumped in with cosies on at one point which was lovely. We went down to the pool at the hotel which was amusing, so many implants it was unreal. The boys didn’t want to go down till about 4pm but if they came down when we did at about mid day they really would not have known where to have looked. I managed not to change colour one little bit. It was really hot and I even managed to last longer than Chloe in the heat which I was really impressed with. I went and had a sports massage as my neck had flared up again. As it is from tension, I know exactly why the neck flared up, but luckily the massage totally managed to ease it.

We went out on the Saturday night to paint the town red, white and blue. We went to a place called Caesars Palace which was amazing. There were tables where the minimum bet was about $100, I couldn’t believe it. I did bet 25c. Chloe would not let me leave Vegas without having a flutter in the slot machines and so I did. And I lost. I felt much better for doing it though! We then went to try and go to a club in the MGM Grand – the largest hotel in the world with the most ridiculous amount of rooms. We would have to queue for hours though and most of us were loosing our energy and so we went to a club out of the centre called The Beach. It was a pile of . . . well . . . loo roll really!! They were chucking down paper towels at sporadic times and then at one point they put on a wind machine behind some loo rolls and they went flying into the crowd. The music was quite good at times. By the time that we decided that we had to make it onto the dance floor, the sooner we did the sooner we could go theory, the music turned rubbish, I just wanted to watch them all making a fool of themselves. Instead I managed to be pretty much in the middle of the dance floor standing totally still. I feel I should have had a lot more alcohol in me for that experience! Ah well!!

So we survived Vegas without loosing all of our money and also by not getting married! Mum and Dad will be very relieved to hear that as will Anca and Lili who gave me strict instructions to do neither. Laura D. – you really have to go there, it is your heaven babe. We said goodbye to Bob and Si on Sunday afternoon after making one more stop at a Nike shop for Si’s blessed shoes – and failed, so glad we spent so much of our time in America searching for them. We are all quite tempted to go back with a pair now just to really annoy him. We must have spent such a large proportion of our time looking for those darned things.

It was quite weird saying goodbye and setting off on our trip on our trip down here to San Diego on our own. We had so much room in the car it was ridiculous and there was no one to try and out wit my belching which seems to be quite infamous now!

We went to Sea World yesterday which was pretty cool even if we did get conned out of quite a bit of money. We had lunch with the Killer Whales which was pretty amazing, even if the lunch was pretty dire. There was a 3 day old baby killer whale there which was just SO adorable, even if it was 6 foot long! We saw the dolphin show which was lovely and I got to feed and touch a dolphin which was an amazing experience for me as they are my favourite animals. Kev got shat on by a bird which added much amusement to mine and Chloe’s day even if Kev was not at all amused but it. I had my hair wrapped; you know one of those brightly coloured string things. Well I had to have some blue somehow in my hair!

I got totally burnt yesterday as I did not even think to take sun tan lotion as it was not at all hot when we came out. SILLY GIRL – yes I know Mum! SO I am in absolute agony today – NICE! We are trying to go across to Tijuana today, a little Mexican border town. We seem to be spending quite a while on the internet though and so I am not sure if we are going to make it as we are driving to LA this afternoon and we want to get there in the light. We also want to swim when we get there as the Econolodge has a pool.

Not quite sure when I will next get to email. It is weird I would have thought that the email cafes would have been everywhere here but it seems that that is not the case.

Well chucks, I am off then. I need to put the jumper back on to cover up the lobster skin before I go outside. This is a nightmare. I hope that it goes away soon. Loads and loads of love and hugs to one and all. Miss you all and hope to hear from you soon,



Ed – Sounds like you got on well with my parents! Thank you so much for taking everything over to them. See you when I get back for photo swap!

Paul – Mum told me that you are going to be going to Bristol. Bad luck as well as being close to your bro you will also be near Hugo and I. We will have to meet up at some point. I haven’t see you in ages, not since Venice.

Farts – I am going brown – at last!

Batty – At least I will be back to be able to see the article my self.

Row – I got your email. THANK YOU! Hope that all is going well. I guess that you will have started Law School by now.

Huge – Hello darling – hope that you have a wicked time at Notting Hill, look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Alex – sounds like you are having a busy time at the moment, send my love to the family

Audrey, Terry and Hannah – MY TROUSERS! I have spoken to you and so you know what to do with them. Thank you so much for having us all once again, we had such a cool time.

Leah – Chloe’s phone number is 00447710020036. Give us a call or give me a number for me to call you on in San Fran. We will be there probably on Monday or Tuesday for about 3 or 4 days before going to Placerville.

Anca, Lili and Mara – Thank you for the photos. SHE IS WEARING THE TOP THAT I SENT! Glad that the postcards and letters are coming through, even if they are a bit sporadic!

ILE – When you get this babe, you will be back in Romania. I miss you already and I WANT YOU BACK IN THE UK. Glad that you had a good time with Hols, pity about Ani.

Bob and Si – Aright the Gyp-siiiiiii’s so it is more comfortable in the car without you but Chloe has no hope at beating me on the belching front!!! Hope that all is well with you. Strange without you both. Hope to hear from you soon.

James – Hope all is well with you, a little worried as I haven’t heard form you in a while

Roy – Thanks for the email. Hope that classes are going well. This is quite a long one too, I hope that you manage to get through it as I know that Chloe is sending one too!!

Mum and Dad – I miss you and I love you loads.

***** That’s all folks *****












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