Lions in Lincoln!!

Good Lord that was a tight match on the weekend.

Slightly bizarre surroundings in a crowd of about 20-30 people in the end of a Walkabout pub in Lincoln with Tash. I was the only one in the newest shirt and we were getting looks for being girls in the Lions tops anyway from some in the pub. It was very odd, so used to being in public places surrounded by fellow supporters. It meant that my shouting was noticed a little more and got a few looks. Apparently ‘AVE ‘IM is not a commonly used term when watching rugby further north. (Stace I blame you for that one!) I was quite looking forward to a day of rugby in the pub with the England match after (particularly as I had forgotten to record it!) but nope Setanta was turned on and the football was all that was being shown. The crowd that suddenly appeared to watch the footie was . . . how do I put it . . . special?! It looked like half of the drunks of Lincoln came in to watch it and so a speedy exit was made by the pair of us!

After making my way back from Lincoln in the peeing rain I did joyous housework and STARTED ACTUALLY PACKING!!!!! Yes, it is actually true I started seriously thinking about what clothing I need to take as well as other bits and pieces and they are all on the spare bed – no room for guests now!

Should be getting the tickets and so on any day now .. . . perhaps I should start hunting out where I put that passport of mine . . . . ?!!


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