Penguin Parade on Phillip Island

The morning after the Rebels match meant a lie in for me – perfect! Certainly needed after my only night of a fair few beers with friends & not far to walk back to the hotel on my own! I took it very slowly as I had a busy few couple of days coming up with a number of trips out booked for the following few days with some early starts!

The first was a half day trip which was concluded with a visit to the world famous Little Penguins of Phillip Island. After being picked up at the hotel just after lunch in a massive coach we picked up more on route and headed off to Churchill Island initially. The day was beautiful, blue skies and thankfully not too cold. We have been pretty lucky with it all things considered. The scenery was amazing with the water so calm and quiet – so serene. The photographic opportunities were a plenty with some beautiful reflections on the water.


We headed to a Koala Conservation Centre which was very different to the environment that we last saw the koalas in at Lone Pines in Brisbane. This time they were in much more of an open environment and way up in the trees so it was a case of trying to spot them as there were tree top boardwalks around a specific area where they were living which was quite a way off the ground. They really are amazing animals and so seriously cute! Also spotted a Kookaburra and a Wallaby hopping around in the park.


Our final stop of the day was Penguin Parade. Described as a world phenomenon, it is where the Little Penguins return from the sea to their burrows each evening at dusk crossing the beach at a waddle to do so. There are no photos to show of this as cameras etc are obviously banned so as not to disturb the penguins.


Here is a YouTube clip as we weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos or anything.

It was an extraordinary experience which I feel privileged to have seen. It was pretty nipster as you sit on the pavilion overlooking the beach staring at the stretch of water in front if you awaiting the little things to pop up & start their waddle across the beach to the safety of their burrows. After watching this beautiful sight I then slowly made my way back up to the visitor centre where you could see, from the walkways, the penguins arriving back home and having a natter with their neighbours and friends.

They are so called the Little Penguin as they are all around 33cm high, literally tiny and simply adorable. Despite seriously feeling the cold I could have stayed there for hours just observing the beauty of nature in all it’s glory. Thankfully I resisted the temptation to buy a stuffed one to take home, as soft and cuddly as they were!

Decided to eat in the hotel bar as the price wasn’t too bad, I could catch up with any of the others from the group and I wouldn’t have too late a night as I had a somewhat ridiculous 0710 start in the morning!


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