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24 of the funniest Romanian expressions

They certainly have a way with sayings which, when translated, are hilarious!!

22 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania Now

Romania has sone if the most beautiful untouched scenery – here are just sone examples of them

10 reasons why you should never visit Durban

Somewhat tongue in cheek! Only just iver a week to go now

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

As it says!

16 Airports Where You Actually Won’t Mind A Layover

Changi is the only one ive been too & its pretty impressive

20 Ways To Display Keepsakes From Your Travels And Trips

Some great ideas here for all of my keepsakes

29 Pilots And Flight Attendants Confess The Best Kept Secrets You Don’t Know About Flying

I don’t think that I will ever drink a glass of water  on a plane unless from a bottle again – neither will I EVER have a hot drink having read this!!

10 Fabulously Quirky Restaurants

A few awesome looking restaurants to try

Most photographed areas of the world


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