Prague: 14th February 2005

Had a lovely lie in this morning and opened my Valentine’s cards from Mum and Dad – Mum sweetly trying to disguise her writing – it never works! After a shower and sorting a few bits and pieces out in the flat we headed off to Ikea for a few things that Helena wanted to get for the flat. I was very tempted by a lot of things but all that I ended up in buying were some cards that I suppose people put in the Ikea frames that they buy from Ikea of signposts, airmail stickers, bus tickets etc from all over the world – all subjects on different cards of course.

We had lunch in the restaurant – meatballs – I have to say it was delicious. I have a feeling that the Bristol one is open until 10pm and so I am thinking that I might go one day/ evening next week. When we came back from Ikea Hels put up all of her furniture and I left her to it. In the evening we had a yummie pizza and a bottle of wine in front of Harry Potter 3.


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