Prague: 17th February 2005

Got up and had breakfast in the pension and then donned all of the kit ready for one final trip round the town before finding a bus to get back to Prague. We tried going up to have a llok at the castle but it was very definitly closed. We headed to the bus stop where we arrived to make sure that we didn not miss our bus we got there earlier to ensure that we made it! It was very cold waiting in the snow but it finally arrived and it turned out to be cheaper than our journey there. Once we were on board we worked out why – there was no heating! It was bloody freezing!! At the first stop several people got on and although there were only 3 or so of us on the bus one lady decided that she was going to sit in her reserved seat whihc was where we were sitting! She had the whole bus to choose from – mad! Further along another woman got on and again she pretty much had the entire bus to choose from yet chose to sit right next to Helena! I was soo cold so I decided to try and read my book, very much hoping that I ould not feel sick from doing so. Luckily not.

We arrived back in Prague and had quite a trip on the Metro to get back to the area where Helena lives. We both ran to the loo and warmed up. I spent most of the rest of the day writing up my diary whilst Helena did some homework for her Czech lessons. She cooked us supper of pasta which was yummie. It is still snowy and incredibly cold in Prague which is most annoying, I was hoping that it might have thawed out and warmed up a bit. Wishful thinking Em! After supper we watched a DVD – Sweet Home Alabama. I couldn’t remember if I had seen it before or not. After watching it all of the way through I realised that I had actually! I read up on the castle and how to get to the airport for Sunday before starting the second book that I had brought with me – The First Ladies Detective Agency. I had managed to finish the King of Torts on the bus and back at the flat earlier. I had already started that though. I read the first chapter anyway and then went to sleep.


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