Prague: 20th February 2005

I woke up and had a shower5 and jumped on my bag to try and get it to shut.  The taxi turned up on time and I went to the airport in plenty of time and I checked in and got fags and booze and a guide book picture thingy of Prague.  I sat and wrote my diary  and finished it when I got on the plane.  I had some vial youths sitting next to me on the flight home discussing thier conquests of the night before – lovely! – serious case of lads on tour.  My bag took an age to come off baggage reclaim – one of the last again.  I went from the airport into Bristol to see Hugo and give him his birthday present.  From there I went to Asda to fill up the cupboards and finally made it home and sorted things out.  What a nice break – so not long enough though.


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