Greetings from Sunny California

Subject: Greetings from sunny California
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 18:08:15 +0100 (BST)

Dear All,
I know I know another hideous round robin I’m sorry but if you want news on
me this is how it is coming until I find somewhere I can pay myself to use
the internet as I cant really be on too long as I am using Rachel’s Dad’s.
SO I have been staying here with Rachel/Miss Newman since Tuesday night
and her Mum and Dad and two dogs in Carlsbad which is about a 30 min
drive north of San Diego.  My flight over was a nightmare, so long and
bored and I was sitting next to people who slept all the way and though
they would be using the armrest I was leaning on to sleep against – they
soon realised that they weren’t!  I don’t sleep at all on planes, just can’t
get comfy sleeping.  So I watched 3 of the worst movies ever – never even
heard of them before they were that good.  But hey it helped to pass the
10 and a half hour flight.  The flight attendants were old and rubbish
and, this was the worst thing for me – you had to pay for a beer??!!  I
have spent heaven only knows how much on the plane ticket and I can’t even
get a beer without paying over the odds prices.  I started my book and did
some of my cross stitch and made lots of noise doing it – if I can’t be
comfortable no one ca.  Plus they had not given me an aisle seat and so
attempting a trip to the loo was always fun when the person sitting next
to you is snoring their brains out – oh yes they were!

We have been pottering around this week shopping and visiting beaches and
so on.  It has been lovely seeing where Rachel/Miss Newman grew up really
and meeting some of her friends that I have heard quite a bit about.  The
best trip for me was heading up coast to Newport Beach which is in Orange
County.  My favourite TV programme of the moment is The OC as many of you
may or may not know a little gathering forms around my house now every
Tuesday as a result.  I was so excited about being around that area as it
was where it is ‘set’ it was unreal.  Quite sad really but hey! We didn’t
actually go down to the beach but driving around – wow there are some
serious houses up there!  We went into a shopping mall and a girl in the
queue for the loo was carrying her pet rat (well in fairness some form of
a dog) with her leather pink with massive gold chains bag to carry it in
peroxide hair huge fake nails and enough bronzer on to make me look brown
if she brushed past me! I just though oh my god don’t catch Rachel’s eye or
you will crack up.
It has been really weird walking into some of the stores and seeing things
that remind me of my last trip over here with Chloe and the boys. I have
on a couple of occasions turned around expecting them to be there as I
point something out!  Ahh happy days!  One thing though – I have not had
any peanut butter M and M’s yet!!
We are off out to lunch today with one of Rachel’s brothers and his family
some where close by and this arvo I am sorting out my bags and packing
ready to move on to Texas tomorrow.
Anyway that pretty much all from me for now – I think that we are off and
so I had better stop.
I hope that all is well with all of you and that you are enjoying your
summer as best you can.
Next update will be from Austin, Texas!
Loads of love and hugs to one and all,
Emma / Sparksy / Miss Sparks (delete as appropriate!)


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