First Match

31 May

First Lions Match

I can’t quite believe that the Tour has actually started. The count down is EVEN more real now. I spent Saturday morning enrolling with a new Doctor and then heading into town to try and get some bits and pieces that I still need for the tour basically anything to try and stop me working myself into a state with excitement! I bumped into a friend in town already in his Lions shirt – the long sleeved version. It was only about 10am but it was pretty stifling already and I was fairly toasty just in a vest top.  I really don’t agree with the tag ‘climacool’ on the jersey.  By the time I put mine on I was desperate to take it off again.  Roasting absolutely roasting!

I headed down to the Royal Oak in Widcombe which was totally decked out ready for the onslaught of supporters, at one point it really felt like no one was going to turn up. But people soon started flooding into the back room where I had some tables reserved.  Didn’t need as many as had reserved as not as many people turned up – oh well.  The tables were only saved until 1/2 hour before kick off.  I however was there from 1pm wanting to catch up on any prematch commentary engulf myself fully in the hype.  I put up my massivo flag on the curtain rail and got myself a Pimms and I was all set.

I am rubbish at writing match reports but good god we played appallingly in the first half.  Keith Earls had a shocker as a debut dropping balls left right and centre a couple of shocking passes he is the youngest squad member and having read some of the websites today I notice that he is not being picked for the mid-week match this week against the Golden Lions – funny that! Lee Byrne had a stoncking match in my opinion.  I just love it that for the rest of the time I take no interest really in the Welsh, Irish and Scottish players (and have a specific dislike for some members) but when they pull on that Lions top where they come for is fairly irrelevant! The cheers were pretty loud when Mearsy came on, bless him, the shivers up and down the spine came into full force then. I kept having to pinch myself that I am going to be there.  I saw June and Hamish who are out there for all 3 tests with Gullivers and area a week ahead of me in my countdown and chatted at length with June about the excitedness that we were both going through.  We both had received our kit but Hamish had a few issues with the sizing which clearly was screwed up in the warehouse as the XXL had come out as a small.  They must be having an absolute mare at Gullivers with the amount of people phoning up and wanting to change etc – I am so lucky that all of mine fit! (thanks to Dani at Gullivers suggesting the sizing – what a star)

So, one down and 9 to go.  I just know that time will fly by now. It’s quite scary.  My want to start packing is apparently not unusual – June has already packed unpacked and repacked and has every thought that she will be doing so more times before she flies!! I just keep throwing things in the suitcase that I know I am taking and keep thinking of more things that I need to remember to take – like a hot water bottle for the cold nights – I know that is going to be invaluable!

25 days now eeek!!


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