The Wedding Week

The week between the two main events was predictably hectic, to put it mildly. On the Monday I headed over to my Aunt and Uncle and spent the night with them as it seemed daft to be all the way over here and not catch up with them at all. It was lovely to see them and catch up on all their news.

Hilda and I

Uncle Ant & Juliet

We rushed around getting bits and pieces and paying off a number of the services that are all involved with the wedding. Met with the photographer who was lovely and gave me a lot of jip! He will get it back on Saturday, big time! The ideas for the photos all sound fabulous and so them, no really posed shots all natural and using the surrounding scenery (I’m still hoping for a giraffe or something similar to casually wander by behind for a quality African photobomb!).

Lauren didn’t want to pay for a spray tan for herself but as I sure as hell needed one so I paid for hers too as a treat on Thursday morning. The rest of the day was taken up with us trying our hardest not to rub up against anything touch anything or get wet. We also mildly panicked as it proceeded to get darker and darker as the day went on. We were both desperate to shower by the time that we could came round and get the stuff off!! We have to be thankful that it was not a day like when I first arrived and unbearably hot. I’d have been sweating it all off – lovely thought, hey!

Tam came around and gave us a hand with the menus as we were both at rather a loss as to how exactly to display them or add that extra touch. She came up with an idea instantly and so we all plaited brown ribbon and raffia, I think raffia is on everything as far as I can work out! The dogs were loving chasing around all tangled up in it.

The Oscar Pritorius trial was quite some focus of the week – there is actually an actual dedicated channel to the live reporting and feed from the court and as ridiculous as it sounds it’s hard not to get sucked into it. Still unsure, still no idea if it was with intent or not. The other piece of news that we’ve been keeping up with is the Malaysian Airplane that went missing randomly and there has been no trace of it since. The scenes of the poor poor families of the missing are heart breaking it has to be said. Looking forward to the flights home already?!!?

Friday came round all of a sudden and the miserable weather, though still warm, earlier in the week seemed to have passed and there was not a cloud in the sky, apparently it had all gone to the UK where there was thick fog – amazing what info you get on Sky News International!! With the dogs taken to the kennels first thing it was very quiet in the flat as La and her parents ran around sorting some last bits and picking some last things up too. The sounds of the crickets and the Hadedas really are so calming, though they are mainly out at night to be fair. At least the bunch of monkeys that were sending the dogs bonkers yesterday were not seemingly around on all of the roofs today. There were loads of them all sitting on roofs teasing the dogs of the neighbourhood. Such bloody pests.


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