Reminiscing THE Toulouse weekend of 2008

Last time I was here in the pink city I was with a whole bunch of friends. The memories I hold dearly as it was, in my book, my favourite foreign Bath Rugby away trip to date. Sadly so many of us have not travelled en masse since. Life has moved on, priorities have changed for so many. For some of us tho, they have not!

For those that were with me on the weekend I thought I’d take some time to reminisce for a moment and list the memories that will make many giggle, and bring back what I hope will be for them too, many happy memories.
Ring of fire – da da da dadadada daaaaa
Meeting Peter & Andrea for the first time
Meeting Nick, Dick & Vince in the German blue berets brought especially for the trip (now sit almost next to my season ticket seats & wavers of THAT massive flag!!
Hearing all about how Nick’s wife was throwing empty beer cans at the tv in frustration with the ref during the match
Meeting Ellie’s Greg properly for the first time
Their flicking the bird game from anywhere & everywhere
Jim’s Angels
Running away from freaky Bath supporter in Frog & Rostbif ALL evening
Taking pictures of Lousia chatting to jandarniere!
Glow sticks
Pea flicking & trying to get photos of them coming out mid air
Rich ‘pole dancing’ in Frog & Rostbief
Rich being filmed for French TV prior to the match in full gear
Nick being interviewed & responding in pissed French for French tv
Drinking the bar dry of: Magners, White Wine & Corona
THAT conga line which included the bar staff at the end which we only realised having led it outside, down the street & turning round
Being spotted on TV & getting a mass of texts from back home of people spotting us
That tackle on Butch which did so look like he was dropped on his head
‘Racing’ each other on the merry go round in Place du Wilson
HGs sleeping position & me re enacting it
Ellie faces
Jizz hands
Licking the ice cream plate clean – tut tut
Finding the French version of Diagon Alley down one of the back streets in Toulouse
Seeing people wearing the ‘eye heart Bath Rugby’ t-shirts we created
Being the FIRST person to spot a ‘stranger’ wearing one and scaring the crap out of her with our squeals
Paddy’s one liners – fluffy dirty springs to mind only at the moment! Can’t think of the others at the moment
Those grapefruit glasses I now have on permanent loan from James – stupidly failed to bring them this weekend.
Hearing about Jock’s visit to the Red Light district whilst he was talking to us with his hands down his joggers – eeeewwww
Being given a very smelly drunk old man’s Toulouse shirt – didn’t have heart to say no as he was so adamant I had to have it. Washed as soon as I got home and donated to the next SOS Kit Aid collection!


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