Sunday 30th March 1997

Woke up at half eight again and got up and had breakfast which was a couple of cups of hot chocolate. We were all told last night that we ahd to meet on the balcony this morning instead of downstairs. So we all congregated and Tom told us that the Italian Easter Bunny had been and that we should all try and find the hidings. We were all given Kinder eggs which was so sweet of them. We then all headed off in our different directions. We went to Santa Felicita where we saw Pontomo’s Depostitino (1525-28) and didnt study the architecture as it wasnt by anyone absoloutly outstanding. We then went on to the Bargello but again it was shut so we weren’t able to get in there which was very annoying but never mind – there’s always next time hey! We managed to go to Or San Michele meuseum where we saw most of the original niches and we heard the fireworks going off so we rushed outside and managed to see the drummers in the street and some clergy carrying a cross and banner. We didnt get to see the oxen pulling the ‘float’ but it was fascinating. We then stopped off and had a drink before heading on to Santa Apostoli which was a small Romanesque church which is thought to have greatly inspired Burnelleschi. We then went and sat on the triangle bit of the bridge before we wnt back to the hotel and CHarlie went off to have some lunch with Luigia nd Tom as it was Louigi’s birthday today. I went and got a sandwich and came back and wrote some of my diary. We all went up to San Miniato which was uite a hike but definitly worth it. Tom didnt come as he was still drinking with Louigi. Charlie turned up about 15 mins late though. It certainly wore us all out though. We saw the frescoes of Saint Miniato by Gaddie. We then went into the shop and I got soem honey made by the monks and some stuff (I am not quite sure what it is) which I was though was a bar of soap to give to Paul. We came back after listening to a mass by the Benedictine monks down in the crypt which was excellent. Toby saw some guys from Eton in the year below him earlier who he avoided like the plague but he saw them at San Miniato and had to go and talk to them and got really embaressed. We came back and I sat on the loggia just watching the surrounding occurances which I have to say wasnt exactly much. Before I knew it it was time for supper and we went to the place where we met Hettie Harvey outside the door. We managed to loose Sue, Katrina, Claire and Dee on the way some how. We had a quick drink in a bar before hand as we had a bit of a wait for supper. Finally we got in I had tagliatelle with salmon which was delicious and of course I had tiramisu for pudding! I amaged to get photos of nearly everyone and everyones addresses. We came back and once again I was given the cold shoulder. I listened to my walkman and read some of my book on my own in m room before I went outside to have another view of Florence by night – something I sadly shant see for a while. Unfortunatly there were others out there and so I went and sat with them but it was freezing and so I went in to get another jumper and I said goodbye to Katrina as she and Bettina were leaving in the early hours on a train to Zermatt. I wore the extra layer of jumpers but I was still freezing and so I also borrowed Toby’s jumper, but only for a short while as it didn’t take him too long to realise how freezing it was without it! We all sat talking for a while and we all looked like we were in an arctic as we were all huddled under blankets. I didnt stay out too long as I was far too cold and so I soon went to bed when most people went inside and I chatted to Sue before we turned the lights out. We luckily weren’t woken by Rose and Lindsay, what ever time they came in.


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