Monday 31st March 1997

I woke up and did the final bits and bobs of the packing and had breakfast. Rose went after breakfast and Lindsay, Claire and Lexi went with her to the station. We all headed off witht he intention of going up the duomo. We had to put our bags on the loggia first as we have to be out of our rooms by 10. We headed off and got in the queue which was reasonably long. Clare and I left them and went to go and get some vinsanto and the biscuits and went back to the queue again. I thought that the time that we were away it would have gone down but not and I worked out that I really didnt think that we had enough time to get up and down and then back to the hotel in time for 11.30 which is when Charlie and Tom asid that we had to be back for as we had some quiz to do or something. I came back and sat on the loggia listening to my walkman. The others came back and we did the quiz before heading off to the bus station – well Lindsay, Tom, Charlie, Toby and I did – the others walked or took the cab. We caught the train after a game of footie and a happy meal or two. Toby very sweetly carried my bag for the times that it needed carrying as I was emabressingly struggling with it as we walked to the leaning tower, the Baptistry and the Duomo from the station where we all flopped. Several slimey Italian men came up to us and 3 slimey ones followed us all the way back to the station. we at one point ducked into an alley way so that we would make it infront of them which was so awful as they realsied what we were trying to do. We finally got a bus after having to wait for what felt like ages for a bus to come. We got to the airport and there was this really old couple with what must have been thier granddaughter and they were treating her really badly, caling her stupid nasty girl we felt so sorry for her. At the airport it took af=ges to check in and put the bags through and we managed to catch the second group as we overlapped by about 10 mins and so we were able to see Bunny for a while ans tell her what an amazing time she was going to have. We then went through customs and passports and I got some fags for Lindsay – she gave me the money and I used up all my remainding money on a bottle of Baileys. I was sitting on my own but Toby behind Any next to me and Lindsay, Lexi and Claire behind Ant. Plane supper was gross – quelle surprise!


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