Greetings from Blumenau

Dear All,

So here I am in a random little town that is very Germanic and really does not feel like it is in Brazil at all.  It is most strange.  (German immigrants in the second half of the 19th century settled here.  It is a very serene area but the city seems to be quite busy.  It kind of feels like an adventure park as parts of the town are very commercialised. (The Lonely Planet describes it as having a very Walt Disney feel!)  They have an Oktoberfest here which starts off in very Germanic style with traditional folk dancing and so on but as the night wares on the party takes a different twist as the beers start to take a toll.  Musicians are often flown over from Germany but the sound of samba takes over as the evening wares on.)

We stayed last night in a hotel (Hotel Herman tel. 3224370 Rua Floriano Peixoto 213, Blumenau, Brazil) with all three of us in one room.  A cause for much hilarity as Ed would not stop playing with the fan for a large majority of the night and Chloe had the giggles over nothing just as we were all trying to go to sleep.  I was just like being in a dorm at school again!

We are moving off this evening to Florianapolis leaving here at 8:15pm and hoping that we can get a connection through when we arrive to Porto Alegre over night.  The man at the reception at the hotel assured us that we would, but we will see.

Thankfully the weather has made a change for the better and “Frosty” is thawing out at last!  Apparently the weather is doing the same in Buenos Aires and so I hope that it will still be warm by the time that we get there!

Loads of love and hugs to one and all,



P.S. Did anyone manage to record the last night of Big Brother?  Please send it to me at my parents or home PLEASE and I will love you forever! (I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing!)

FARTS – Ok so you are a star after all.  We think that we are pretty confident with the name of the horse; we would now like the words to Copacabana and The Girl from Ipanema please.

HELS – ta for the updates love, keep them coming! How about Hollyoaks?!

AUDREY – Good to hear from you.  I think that we will probably drop in for a coffee or something as you wont want all of us for any longer than about an hour or so as much as I would adore to come and stay for a night on my own, I can’t see it being possible.

MUMMY, DADDY & HUGO – love you and miss you


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