The Last

Ha ha so you thought that this was the last of the dull round robin emails from me, well I am afraid that you are wrong.  This is the last email that you will be getting from Brazil.

We are in Porto Alegre, which is near the bottom of Brazil.  I have seen practically nothing of the city as once again I did not sleep on the night bus and so I spent most of yesterday in bed and relaxing and doing things that I wanted to do and generally having some me time. (Hotel Uruguai tel. 2287864, Rua Dr Flores 371, Porto Alegre, Brazil)   It is quite hard to go from living on your own and doing what ever you want whenever you want, to travelling with two other people.  I am coping quite well.  Even after my little sleep I was exhausted though.

We went out last night for supper in a really nice restaurant that was recommended to us by a tour guidey personey.  We couldn’t find it so we went to a pizzeria, which was delicious but not really very suitable for Chloe.  She had two salads though and was still hungry, not a lot we could do about that I’m afraid.  We then moved on to a place called Strike.(Strike 410, Rua Cristiano do Patricinio, Porto Alegre, Brazil)  It is a bowling alley come nightclub in one and it was mentioned in my Lonely Planet, so we felt that we must go.  It was the most incredible place.  The bowling was done under ultra violet light and was brill.  There was a karaoke there too and pool and a live band and a dance floor separate to the live music that played the most appalling music that Ed and Chloe had a bop to – not my scene at all.

In Buenos Aires we have James booking us tickets for the opera, which I am really looking forward to.  I have no idea which one it is though!

We are going to watch Almost Famous in the cinema this afternoon, like now actually, so I had better hurry!  We are catching the bus to Montevideo this evening and have left our bags at the station, saves us breaking our backs carrying them around all day!

Well I had better go now or I am going to be late!

Love to one and all, 3 weeks in and I am missing everyone sooooooo much!





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