Grey Hair

Dear All,

What a hellish flight! Went through hell trying to sleep, unsuccessful as usual. USA officials darned rude again, I thought that I had done well filling in a form that was written in Spanish, they nearly made me fill one out in English as I “wouldn’t have known what was on it” apparently. I decided not to wear my “It wasn’t me!” T-Shirt this time as they didn’t find it too amusing last time when I was in transit. The Americans are such an unfriendly race compared to all the different countries that we visited in South America. Lads – be warned – kiss their merry little asses at customs!

It is incredibly warm here, very very humid. I walked out wearing a bright pink shirt, I am now wearing one with darker pink spots – it is raining! It is very refreshing I have to say. There is meant to be air conditioning in our room, yeah right, pull the other one! I had forgotten just how huge all of the sky scrapers are here, they are very oppressive and it makes me feel a little claustrophobic. It is a big change from South America.

Well after a sad goodbye to James yesterday we had a few problems. Came to check in when we arrived here in New York at our hostel and they were most unfriendly. (Vanderbilt YMCA 224 East 47th St, New York City) They told us that check in time was 3 pm. We arrived just after 7am. Thankfully, but very begrudgingly, they let us have a shower in the ladies locker room in the gym part of the hostel. They wouldn’t give us access to the other facilities other than that though. Chloe, poor thing was a bit miffed as she was relying on doing her exercise there. I, on the other hand, was bloody glad as it meant that I couldn’t be dragged along with her. Had a shower with a towel provided that was the size of a bath mat. They don’t seem at all concerned about wandering around without any clothes on. I decided not to join in though and found some way of getting the bath mat around me ample figure!!! What a sight, I know!!

We decided to head off to have a wonder and see what was close by to us and so on. Don’t worry lads I have found an O’Neill’s around the corner and plenty of other suitable drinking holes!! (O’Neill’s Irish Bar, 729 3rd Avenue, between 45th and 46th Streets, New York City) We really wanted to book in to have some pampering done that we had both so long been promising ourselves. We managed to find ourselves a place that did everything that we wanted, including the possibility of me having blue streaks in my hair. At last I have finally had the courage to go through with it. I wish to god that it was that simple! I had my whole head back to the usual purple that all of you are so fond of by now I am sure. I then had it bleached in parts, an interesting sight I have to say as most of them went BRIGHT orange, this not meant to happen the woman said – No shit love! I sat for hours, yes literally, with bleach on my head. I then had the blue put on and it came out a pale blueish. I wanted it darker and so it was all washed off and dried and put on again. Nope. And again. OH MY GOD, I AM A GREY FREAK!!! There is no way on earth that I could have walked anywhere, let alone to the bathroom with hair like that. I was desperate. The woman finally managed to get it back to its original purple tinge, but at a price of a mere $273.10. Oh my god I nearly had a heart attack. Considering I spend no more than a fiver on a bottle and do it myself. I had my nails done, both sets and I am really pleased with them but I still can’t get over the price. Chloe though had a lot more done and it cost just under double so I think that it was just a really expensive place. I have been pretty breathless ever since. I am really not too sure how Monsieur Le MasterCard will cope with that one!

Managed to find my way to the loo which is a fair distance walk from our room, I really hope that I won’t need to go in the middle of the night. I met some English whilst rushing there, hilarious to first meet someone when on the loo the cubicle next to them! Quite embarrassing to run into them again though really.

I have been here a day and spent 8 hours in a beauty salon. I may have taken on my father’s tendency to exaggerate but this is NO JOKE!! Chloe and I had supper in a deli around the corner. Chloe had almost a whole forest full of fruit and I had Chinese style pork ribs, got a pink face now, it matches the top quite nicely actually, and some noodles and stuff. It is really nice to choose what you are eating! I have been very tempted to say ‘Gacias’ instead of thanks though and I really have to stop myself. It is weird hearing English, if you can call it that, spoken everywhere. Twice I have been asked to repeat what I have said because they have not understood me. I really have to stop myself from saying what it is with a really bad American accent so that there is a possibility that they might actually understand.

Right. I hope that you all appreciate this little jollity as it is costing me and Monsieur Le MasterCard a merry fortune at $18 an hour. Yes Mum, I got desperate. More like I didn’t want to walk to Time Square in the pouring rain to let you all know that I am fine and dandy, even if a bit hot!

Thanks Nobby and Laura, I will take one of you up on that when I get back just don’t delete them all PLEASE. The rest of you, thanks but I now have volunteers for the reproductions of all of these fine pieces of writing.

Loads of love to one and all and here come the personal bits to those that need a little extra info or so on.




BOB – Right, Chlo got sent weird email, not sure what it was but I think that she emailed it to Kev and Si so I hope that you can get it sorted. If not I am sure that we can squeeze you in some where along the line. Looking forward to seeing/meeting you. We won’t be at the airport to meet and greet. You are big boys and should be able to find your own way! Taxi is a merry fortune from Newark, I think that is where you are arriving into or is that just Kev. $50-$60 + $10 and $35 flat fare from JFK – just so that you know.

Bob, Kev and Si – thought that we would start off the trip in true American style and do dinner in the Hard Rock Café on the first night, not booking obviously but we thought we would hit you with the idea now. Also good to go whilst we all have slightly more money than we will do later!

Si – Mum and Dad have sent you my post – I doubt I am a popular girlie and so I doubt that it will be that bulky.

Kev – seeing as the others have got a personal bit didn’t want you to feel left out – Hi!

Laura – My darling, I am thinking of you. I really hope that all goes ok. I will keep my fingers crossed and await more news. Thinking of you and the rest of the family.

Monkey – At last Sainsbury’s have freed you. Hope the bananas taste good in Jersey and that the kids take care of the adolescent youths! Blast Becca’s birthday. I don’t have her address or anything. Please text her and tell her a happy birthday from me. Look forward to seeing more photos of the other hairy ones.





Hope that you have a wonderful day, even if it is without us. We wish that we were with you too. Glad that you liked our little touches. Well we wanted to make it one to remember. PUT THAT HAT ON!!!! Loads of love. Missing you already.

Nob – you are alive! Where on earth are you in the world? I have a feeling that you are on a boat somewhere, pestering the locals, or rather the local women.

Ed – God it’s VERY bizarre without you. Hope that you had a good flight and that you got what you wanted within 24 hours of you arrival!!

Audrey and Leah – I am in the country, beware, I will be calling you soon to catch up on all of those lost years.

Oh my god I have been on-line for 45 min and it is already $20. Bye

Sorry Monsieur Le MasterCard.

Love you Mum and Dad


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