DeCaf, Low Fat Latte please

Yes I heard one of these being asked for this morning I could not believe my ears, I nearly burst out laughing!

Just about recovering from the grey hair incident of yesterday. I am now worried that if it rains my t-shirt will change colour as I don’t think that she washed the dye out properly so I am going to have to really seriously scrub my head later!

Beds are REALLY bouncy here, which is totally different, as I used to jump into bed on the top bunk in Buenos Aires and stay there. Last night I nearly bounced right off again as I jumped, or rather fell, onto my bed. Scary moment! Chloe got up and went for her swim this morning at what felt like some unearthly hour but it was actually about 9:45am. I was not going this morning. I think that she gathered that from my usual sleepy-eyed Worzel Gummage look that I gave her this morning!

Well we actually managed to walk to the cheaper internet place, Easy Everything – its like being in Scotland Ile! The man on the other side of the screen from me has clomping great shoes on and keeps treading on my toes. My poor little toes are in pain! I keep saying ‘OW!’ in a loud voice hoping that he will realise that it is him. Not working though! Maybe I should not try to be so polite!

Still warm here but not so muggy as yesterday, I think that it was like that yesterday as there was a thunder-storm and it was really close. There is actually a breeze today – WOW!!

That’s all for now. Loads of love and hugs to one and all and hope to hear from you soon,




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