Dear All,

Hola! I am now back in the Big Apple, such an apt name seeing as I am travelling with the world’s biggest fan of apples! It is darned hot and sticky here yet again.

Boston was fabulous I have to say. Very pretty and quiet. We stayed in a YMCA in the Naval Yard just next door to the USS Constitution ( – Ed it was GREAT for I’m the King of the World!(Charlestown YMCA (Now known as the Constitution Inn) 150 2nd Avenue, Charlestown Navy Yard Tel 617/241-8400) We made a trip to Salem, where the witch trials in The Crucible were set. It was pretty eerie I have to say. Chloe and I both had our Tarot cards read by a modern-day witch. Hope that she doesn’t cast an evil spell on me as I forgot to give her a tip! She was surprisingly accurate about my past and said that I am half way down the road to recovery which is pleasing news and that by this time next year I will be prey much ok. I was pleased. Chloe on the other hand had a threatening of a pregnancy or a scare of it which made me laugh, those of us that know her know that she is the LAST person that would be having children!

We came back into Boston and went to the pub that inspired the set for “Cheers” I have to say it was quite surreal going in there. (Bull and Finch Pub, Beacon St.r between Brimmer Str. and Charles Str, Beacon Hill, Boston ) I hate the fact that you have to be over 21 to drink here. They reused to serve me in the pub even though I had my ISIC card on me as ID but it is the rules of the state that they don’t take that as ID ( It is a photo ID too!) how stupid, but then I guess that is America!! Also went in and had a quick look at Harvard, amusingly it is in an area of Boston called Cambridge. Well it made me laugh anyway!

Managed to get back to NYC and hour later than we planned because of horrendous traffic. We were meeting the lads at the hostel and had a slight problem, I had never met any of them before (I know, another brave step!) and Chloe couldn’t for the life of her remember what Kev looked like. He was arriving first and on his own. Anyway when checking in we were both eying everyone up in the queue in case he was there (I had no clue) when I suddenly heard my name as he must have recognised my voice or something – relief! Well so far he has not lived up to what I thought he was going to be like, a relief I have to say as I just linked him with the stroppy teenager in the Harry Enfield Series! He does have slightly ginger hair but not long and lanky!!! That’s the only vague connection with him!

Went out for some food and stuff and waited for others to arrive – Si and Bob. We did get quite worried as I am sure that they emailed and said that they landed at 3:40. Obviously not, as we managed to find them in the lobby at about 8. Had no idea what to expect from Simon – I just associated him with a big envelope as he was bringing over my calligraphy results and other post from Dad – UNOPENED of course! Bob, thankfully, is not a builder. We had the Bob the Builder song on the brain all of yesterday it was quite amusing. We managed to get it out of our heads just in time not to sing it to his face!

We went out to get some food as we were all pretty hungry and from there we went to the Tequila bar around the corner that I had spotted previously on one of my random ambles. It was called Tequilaville (12 Vanderbilt Ave Between E 42nd St and E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017 tel (212) 681-8441) I love that name, I think that it is class! I had a shot of tequila (read FIREWATER) with Kev and Si, not as bad as the only other time that I have had it. But still, not me fave!

I think that we are planning on going up the Empire State Building (34th Street and Fith Avenue Tel 212/736-3100) at dusk so we get to see it in daylight and at night-time and then onto the Hard Rock Café (221 W 57th St Between Broadway and 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019 Tel 212/459-9320) and then I think that we are going on clubbing whoopppeee I can’t wait. (SEVERE sarcasm there). Going to cost a fortune, might see if I can get in with a bottle of water in my bag. We will see! I doubt that I will actually last that long. I didn’t sleep very well last night. Chloe said that it was like sleeping on a boat I made the bunk bed rock so much with my tossing and turning! The Empire State Building has been a tourist site since it was completed in 1931. It is 102 storeys high and was once one of the tallest buildings in the city. Its basement in an underground marbled shopping precinct which has may Art Deco finishes around it. An elevator takes you to the 86th floor which was the summit of the building before the TV and radio mast was added.

Been shopping this morning and left the boys to sleep and what ever. I was meant to be going to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art 5th Avenue and 82nd Street tel. 212/535-7710) but I really can’t be bothered and I am sure that I will be back in NY soon enough and so I can do it then. Managed to get a couple of items of clothing for when I am back in school and I brought myself a mini Psion Computer thingy that I have been wanting for ages and managed to get it way cheaper here.

Moving off tomorrow and going to Washington which will be really cool. I am very much looking forward to hitting the road. Hopefully not literally though!!!

Best be off, on the expensive PC as can’t be bothered to walk up to the other one in the heat!

Hope to hear from you all soon,

Loads of love and hugs



James – wish I was there to support you. Thrilled to hear that the operation went well. Still thinking of you – lots.

Ed – my parents don’t live in Bath chuck its just me. Parents are in Marlborough – 35 miles away. They are away till the 28th but give them a call after that. They won’t mind at all. They will be intrigued to meet you, particularly after all of the stories – yes they have heard them all!!!








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