Leg 3, Minus 2

Dear All,

Well I have been away from the emails for quite a few days now and I had a ridiculously full inbox with a mere 88 messages! Glad to hear that all is well with all of you and that we managed to thrash Germany 5-1! That has put me in a good mood despite the aching sunburn.

Well where to start, we have done so much since I last wrote. El Paso was not really as good as we had hoped it would be. We thought that we would take a peep at the border and then turn around as we can’t go over with the car. We got slightly stuck though as we had to come back in though American Customs as we went a little too far before we did our U-turn. Something that we are getting quite familiar with doing now (U-Turns I mean). We had to come back I through American customs and they were none too impressed with our little mistake. “State your citizenship” was shouted at us through the window and we had to show our passports. All of us bar Bob had ours on us. His was in the boot and he was about to get out to get it and he was shouted at to stay in the car and we had to go off to a special bay where he could get his passport out to show the officials. We were asked where we are heading to and we said Las Vegas and we were told, by the officer who had a very bemused face on answering, that we were no where near Las Vegas and once Bob had got his passport he was told that he had effectively deported himself. I think that it was a case of you had to be there to find it funny. The long and the short of it was that we never actually made it to Mexico – not through lack of trying though!

SO we headed to the Grand Canyon and Chlo, Bob and I all took a helicopter ride over the magnificent view. It was really the only way to see it as we got to see so much and the colours of the rock are just SO amazing it is unreal. Then we went into the park and saw it from the top which was cool as at least we got to see that we had got our monies worth by going up in the helicopter. I just wish that I was a rich bitch and could have paid for Kev and Si to come up with us so that they could have seen too how amazing it was. It was pretty hot in the Grand Canyon but nothing compared to Las Vegas.

Chloe treated us all to a couple of nights in a plush hotel in Vegas, right on the strip which was excellent. I was really surprised that she could actually find anywhere as it was Labour Day weekend, like the last Bank Holiday of the summer and so everyone would be out in force. We didn’t tell the lads about it until we were there as we were meant to be staying in another trusty Econolodge – little did they know! They were pleasantly surprised, if not a little overwhelmed by it. It was ace though. We had a King sized bed in each room and the boys also had a roll away bed. Simon was not at all happy about having to share a bed with Kev (well I think it was more the idea of sharing a bed with a bloke that he was worried about). Such a fuss was made it was hilarious and so I felt I had to tell you all as he is getting this email as well. Ha ha Si!! But then on the other hand if you get an email from him, which he threatened, believe nothing and someone, please forward what he wrote! Also Mum and Dad there was a mention of them coming to visit you. DON’T LET THEM!!!!

There was a massive bath in the room as well called a love tub which Chloe and I filled up and jumped in with cosies on at one point which was lovely. We went down to the pool at the hotel which was amusing, so many implants it was unreal. The boys didn’t want to go down till about 4pm but if they came down when we did at about mid day they really would not have known where to have looked. I managed not to change colour one little bit. It was really hot and I even managed to last longer than Chloe in the heat which I was really impressed with. I went and had a sports massage as my neck had flared up again. As it is from tension, I know exactly why the neck flared up, but luckily the massage totally managed to ease it.

We went out on the Saturday night to paint the town red, white and blue. We went to a place called Caesars Palace which was amazing. There were tables where the minimum bet was about $100, I couldn’t believe it. I did bet 25c. Chloe would not let me leave Vegas without having a flutter in the slot machines and so I did. And I lost. I felt much better for doing it though! We then went to try and go to a club in the MGM Grand – the largest hotel in the world with the most ridiculous amount of rooms. We would have to queue for hours though and most of us were loosing our energy and so we went to a club out of the centre called The Beach. It was a pile of . . . well . . . loo roll really!! They were chucking down paper towels at sporadic times and then at one point they put on a wind machine behind some loo rolls and they went flying into the crowd. The music was quite good at times. By the time that we decided that we had to make it onto the dance floor, the sooner we did the sooner we could go theory, the music turned rubbish, I just wanted to watch them all making a fool of themselves. Instead I managed to be pretty much in the middle of the dance floor standing totally still. I feel I should have had a lot more alcohol in me for that experience! Ah well!!

So we survived Vegas without loosing all of our money and also by not getting married! Mum and Dad will be very relieved to hear that as will Anca and Lili who gave me strict instructions to do neither. Laura D. – you really have to go there, it is your heaven babe. We said goodbye to Bob and Si on Sunday afternoon after making one more stop at a Nike shop for Si’s blessed shoes – and failed, so glad we spent so much of our time in America searching for them. We are all quite tempted to go back with a pair now just to really annoy him. We must have spent such a large proportion of our time looking for those darned things.

It was quite weird saying goodbye and setting off on our trip on our trip down here to San Diego on our own. We had so much room in the car it was ridiculous and there was no one to try and out wit my belching which seems to be quite infamous now!

We went to Sea World yesterday which was pretty cool even if we did get conned out of quite a bit of money. We had lunch with the Killer Whales which was pretty amazing, even if the lunch was pretty dire. There was a 3 day old baby killer whale there which was just SO adorable, even if it was 6 foot long! We saw the dolphin show which was lovely and I got to feed and touch a dolphin which was an amazing experience for me as they are my favourite animals. Kev got shat on by a bird which added much amusement to mine and Chloe’s day even if Kev was not at all amused but it. I had my hair wrapped; you know one of those brightly coloured string things. Well I had to have some blue somehow in my hair!

I got totally burnt yesterday as I did not even think to take sun tan lotion as it was not at all hot when we came out. SILLY GIRL – yes I know Mum! SO I am in absolute agony today – NICE! We are trying to go across to Tijuana today, a little Mexican border town. We seem to be spending quite a while on the internet though and so I am not sure if we are going to make it as we are driving to LA this afternoon and we want to get there in the light. We also want to swim when we get there as the Econolodge has a pool.

Not quite sure when I will next get to email. It is weird I would have thought that the email cafes would have been everywhere here but it seems that that is not the case.

Well chucks, I am off then. I need to put the jumper back on to cover up the lobster skin before I go outside. This is a nightmare. I hope that it goes away soon. Loads and loads of love and hugs to one and all. Miss you all and hope to hear from you soon,



Ed – Sounds like you got on well with my parents! Thank you so much for taking everything over to them. See you when I get back for photo swap!

Paul – Mum told me that you are going to be going to Bristol. Bad luck as well as being close to your bro you will also be near Hugo and I. We will have to meet up at some point. I haven’t see you in ages, not since Venice.

Farts – I am going brown – at last!

Batty – At least I will be back to be able to see the article my self.

Row – I got your email. THANK YOU! Hope that all is going well. I guess that you will have started Law School by now.

Huge – Hello darling – hope that you have a wicked time at Notting Hill, look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Alex – sounds like you are having a busy time at the moment, send my love to the family

Audrey, Terry and Hannah – MY TROUSERS! I have spoken to you and so you know what to do with them. Thank you so much for having us all once again, we had such a cool time.

Leah – Chloe’s phone number is 00447710020036. Give us a call or give me a number for me to call you on in San Fran. We will be there probably on Monday or Tuesday for about 3 or 4 days before going to Placerville.

Anca, Lili and Mara – Thank you for the photos. SHE IS WEARING THE TOP THAT I SENT! Glad that the postcards and letters are coming through, even if they are a bit sporadic!

ILE – When you get this babe, you will be back in Romania. I miss you already and I WANT YOU BACK IN THE UK. Glad that you had a good time with Hols, pity about Ani.

Bob and Si – Aright the Gyp-siiiiiii’s so it is more comfortable in the car without you but Chloe has no hope at beating me on the belching front!!! Hope that all is well with you. Strange without you both. Hope to hear from you soon.

James – Hope all is well with you, a little worried as I haven’t heard form you in a while

Roy – Thanks for the email. Hope that classes are going well. This is quite a long one too, I hope that you manage to get through it as I know that Chloe is sending one too!!

Mum and Dad – I miss you and I love you loads.

***** That’s all folks *****













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