What the hell am I doing Drinking in LA – Bran Van 3000

No, its alright, don’t panic the sunburn has nearly gone. What a relief!! I am so hot in tops that are covering my shoulders. It is much hotter here in LA than it was in Vegas, well it certainly feels that way. In reality it is not!

Having a fab time. Went to Disney Land with Chloe 2 days ago which was wonderful. I finally got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, WOW and I go to go inside their houses and get autographs and everything. Chloe was highly embarrassed by my over excitement but it was pure bliss to say the least. I just hope that the photos come out ok. Kev decided not to join us on that little adventure. At least that meant that Chloe and I could have some cheesy music in the car without any complaints. Kev is complaining that he is going deaf from the bad loud music that we play in the car. I don’t think so, I think that he just needs his ears cleaning out!

Went to Universal Studios yesterday which was fabulous. Went on loads of rides and got soaked on the Jurassic Park one. I was clever and put on the poncho that we brought just before we got on the ride whilst Kev thought that he would be hard and not, he soon regretted it when he came off looking absolutely soaked!

We tried to book our tour round Hollywood that we had so been looking forward to. We were going to go around in a Cadillac hearse to see all the sights where people were shot, raped, murdered and so on, it would have been excellent, but unfortunately the bloke seems to have stopped doing it.

We have managed to get Chloe skipping not quite so early in the morning and so at least we are getting a little bit of a lie in. I have to say that I am definitely not a morning person compared to Chloe who always looks like she has swallowed a whole bag of sugar. I think that the others are getting used to that fact, slowly.

As I said, we are on Hollywood Boulevard at the moment with all of the stars on the ground and the names of people on and so on. I think that Kev is on a mission to find Bob Dylan’s. Chloe and I have made a pact that as soon as he goes off looking we are heading into a coffee shop, I would rather jump off the Eiffel Tower I think than hunt for his star. Bob and Si you will be proud to hear that we have had NO Bob Dylan played since you left, nearly a week ago now, my how time flies!!

We have seen the Hollywood sign which was SO disappointing as I thought that it was going to be way larger than it actually is, very disappointing. I have to find it again though as I ran out of film last night as I took a photo of Chloe with Dracula, no that is not our nickname for Kev; it was a character at Universal!

Hmmnn, what else to tell you? Worryingly Chloe has got Kev running every other evening. I have never seen anyone so red and sweating so much as when he comes back. And they say that running is meant to do you good. As you can tell I am not joining them and have no intentions of doing so in the future either. Me running, now that really would be a sight and a half!

Went down Rodeo Drive earlier today and managed to keep Chloe out of the shops and in her bank manager’s good books by keeping her locked in the car. She would have been a nightmare. I am already having to buy another bag to cart home all of the presents that I have brought and the clothes that I have stocked up on whilst they are cheap. I couldn’t possibly take another case full of stuff of hers back too. Already I fall over backwards I would look like the turtle in the Kit Kat ad- you know the one that can’t get back up again! Quite a sight!

Well I had better go, the money on the car is about to run out and I am getting some weird looks from people that run the Chinese adjacent to the internet place. I am not having a Chinese for lunch GO AWAY!!!!

Hope that all is well with you. Only about 17 days till I am home, that is the 27th of September at 3:10pm for those of you that keep asking me but who I forget to answer. Remember my mobile is cut off and 55’s answer machine is turned off too, if you need to get hold of me leave a message with my Mum or drop a note through the door with your Bath Number on (that goes to all you college buddies) and if you know of anyone else’s drop that around too.

Loads of love and hugs and kisses to one and all, miss you and hope to hear form you soon,



Mum and Dad – Missing you loads. A pity about Tom. At least I tried, please tell Angie. BIG HUGS AND KISSES.

Huge – was it blue or black NYC cap that you wanted? Reply by text or email, preferably the former or I will get a pink one!

Sorry no time for personal messages for anyone else, next time chickens.20110829-212324.jpg20110829-212331.jpg20110918-164548.jpg20110918-164558.jpg20110918-164608.jpg20110918-164617.jpg20110918-164629.jpg20110918-164727.jpg20110918-164741.jpg20110918-164748.jpg20110918-164757.jpg20110918-164825.jpg20110918-164836.jpg20110918-164846.jpg20110918-164854.jpg20110918-164902.jpg20110918-164910.jpg20110918-164916.jpg












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