Home Sweet Home!

55 Faulkland Road,

Oldfield Park,

Bath BA2 3LT

01225 471575

Dear All,

            Well here I am home safe and sound and now in my little cosy mansion here in Bath.  Unfortunately the short spell of nice weather has gone and it is bucketing it down here.

            I spent my last night in San Francisco with Chloe’s cousin Alesha and her boyfriend and dog which was lovely.  I was made to feel most welcome even though I had been rude enough to invite myself!  I had to say goodbye to Chloe and was really very good and managed not to cry.  I was REALLY proud of myself.  It really felt like I was saying goodbye to my Siamese twin as we have been together so much, nearly all day apart from when she is skipping.  No, I was never tempted to join her!  I miss her loads and thankfully I have heard form her via email and she is doing ok in Japan without me and with Ross who is the next travelling companion for her.  She only has one problem which is that she managed to leave her ATM card in the USA.  Silly girl.  I hope that she manages to get it sorted out.

            I took the lovely car back before I checked in.  I shall really miss that old thing I have to say.  I had a few problems in doing so though. Originally Chelle, Chloe’s Mum, was meant to be coming with me in case there were any problems and she wanted to up-grade their car anyway.  She called at about 12:30 that morning to say that she could not meet me as she could not go into the return bay too.  I was very understanding about that but the fact that she had called to let me know 2 hours before we were meant to be meeting really aggravated me. Oh well.  When I dropped it off they tried to tell me that we had not paid the fee for dropping the car off in a different place from where we picked it up.  I had to have a few words with the manager to sort that one out when they eventually agreed that it had already been paid.  A slightly tense moment though!  When I looked at the receipt on the bus on the way to the airport I noticed that the car has now been taken out of the Alamo fleet as it has done too many miles to be in the fleet, so we were the last ones to drive it.  We were so lucky, I think, that we had no problems with it, the only one being the little incident of my chucking the keys in the trash bin outside the supermarket after cleaning out the car and didn’t realise.  Now that was a seriously tense moment and boy did I feel silly having to explain it to the people inside the store so that they could help me find it!

            I typed all this yesterday and more on my return and I managed to loose most of it and I can’t remember what I had to say, of great interest obviously!  I am enrolled for this year and had lectures today – double maths, can you think of anything worse! (4 hours!!)

            I will go now, loads of love hugs and kisses to one and all, keep in touch – PLEASE!



Uncle John – I would like to take the opportunity to point out that whilst travelling I was typing fast and not spell checking what I had written.  This was because I was paying for my time on the internet and it always takes ages to spell check.  I know that my spelling is no where near perfect – but it is not THAT bad!!! 

Sam E-S- I waved whilst I was flying over Paris, couldn’t spot you though unfortunately!

Ed – Very much looking forward to seeing you on the 13th of October.  I won’t bother sending the photos to you, you can get them when you are here.

Ned – I hope that the patient is making a full recovery and that you can understand the directions to the mansion!  I hope to se you here soon. 

James – Thanks for the personal message.  I got my photos back of South America and I was quite sad looking over all of the good times that we had.  At least Chloe and Ed live in the same country but I have to travel bloody miles if I want to see you soon!  I hope that all is well.

George – Thank you so much for the welcome home card with the girls addresses on.  I will send them off soon.  Can’t wait to show you the photos, don’t worry I have a fair few of the Grand Canyon!

Bob – Great to talk to you on Thursday evening.  Hope that you managed to get back to all of your “friends”!!!  I will finish the tape this week, just 2 more songs to go on there and then it will be on its way to you.  Come down and stay soon and you can see all of the photos.

Kev – thank you SO much for the Chili Peppers CD.  I have been playing it loads since I have been home.  I hope that your travels are going well and that you are behaving yourself! (As if!)

Si – tape will be in the post soon.  Hope all is well.  Come and stay soon and you can see all of the photos.

Chloe – I miss you loads.  Silly girl for leaving ATM card behind.  I hope that you managed to get it all sorted.  Did Ross remember the guide books??!!  Love you loads.

Alesha, Scott and Sasha – thank you very much once again for having me to stay on Tuesday night.  It was lovely to see you all one more time before I left.

Leah – Hope that all is well with you and that you are sorted for Spain.

Chris and Josh – Let me know your phone numbers in Cambridge and I will be in touch.  Must come down for another weekend with you both.

Hels – where in the world are you and what are your details in Oxford and your new mobile number?

Farts – Thanks for the welcome home message.  I will call wheni am more organised.  Are you and Bat going to Rowena’s as I am going to book my train ticket soon, can’t cope with the idea of driving to London! How about meeting here on Friday night, Bethan coming over and we can paint Bath pink again, possibly?  Tell Bat.

Roy – Thanks for the message, glad that all is going well.  I have accepted your messenger thing so speak to you when you are next on line.

Marty – I hope that America was cool.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Paul – Hope that you are well and settled into Bristol, give me a bell and we must meet up soon.

Juliet and Uncle Ant – Glad that you got all of them, Mum told me, I was worried as they were all being sent back to me at one point!  Hope that they boys are both well.

Erica W. – I am now here and so give me a call and we must meet up if you fancy it!  Saw you in the bar, typical, on Sunday at the hypnotist!  All my friends were perching the the side of you leaning against the wall.  Call soon.

Audrey – Hope that you got the answer phone message that I am safe and sound.  Love to Terry and Hannah, and of course Nannie!

******* That’s all folks!*******


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