Vienna: 17th February 2004

So here I am, escaped from a life of teaching to have some me time, some relaxing time. My aim – to catch up with Tom, meet Sarah, see the sights, go to a few museums and get back on the plane on Saturday afternoon. Will I achieve it or will I just sit in a heap and not get the energy to move?
The flight and arrival were no hassle what so ever. Everywhere is so clean here it is unreal. They had loads of different coloured bins and things around the airport to recycle everything I assume. They have little smokers corners (that’s what they actually call them!) everywhere which have metal railings in a square with ashtrays on the metal bars and above them there is a fan to take the smoke away. Very clever idea that I have to say.
I found my way to the CAT train fine – clearly sign posted thank god, so I wasn’t going to have to babble in some idiotic form of German from the phrase book. I was going to be adventurous and find the normal underground to go on as it is meant to be cheaper but I gave up on that idea very quickly when I saw signs for the CAT and not the other. Gave Tom a text to tell him I was here blah blah blah and waited for the train. When it arrived I couldn’t help chuckling to myself as it looked like a clean version of the personnel trains in Romania. I sat waiting on the platform the other end waiting for Tom as instructed. I watched a train come and go and then thought to bring out my mag and read that for a while. I am sure that nearly all foreign tubes look the same as in Romania but it really felt like it! I suppose also because I don’t use the tube in Bath, because there isn’t one! Anyway Tom couldn’t stay with me as he had to go back to work which wasn’t a problem at all – I had my books, mags and papers that I had picked up on the way out. It was nice to be able to read them cover to cover like I once used to but just don’t have the time to do anymore.
So I was left in Flanagans Irish Pub (1, SchearzenbergstraBe 1-3) which was just near to where he works. I only had something soft as my monthly fiend (yes I meant to put that!) had decided to make an unimpressive early appearance so I was thankful of the ladies to deal with that little problem! Heard from M&D who had arrived safely in Tenerife. Tom collected me after work and we made our way what felt like half the way across Vienna but looking on the map it really wasn’t that far! I managed to orientate myself a little and worked out that everything seems actually pretty close together.
Once getting off the final tram and walking to the house we bumped into some people who knew Tom & Sarah and were heading back to their flat too. Can’t for the life of me remember their names but they are from Alaska, visiting their friend Tyla (or ‘er’ I’m not sure) who is a friend of Tom & Sarahs from when they were living in Saltzberg and he was back at the flat. I got all confused for a moment as I thought that they were all staying at the flat too and I thought that I had picked a really bad time to visit?!! They weren’t though, panic over! I got put all of the stuff that they asked me for which went down well and I relaxed a little.
My Tim was going around and round as it always does when I arrive in a new place and I get those immediate pangs of homesickness – grow up woman you are 25 for gods sake! The flat is really nice – loads of stuff from Ikea as it came unfurnished when they rented it but it has been done really nicely. I LOVE the rope lights that they have. It’s open plan with those big glass cubes cutting off the bedroom. The bathroom and hallway are separate. Tom & I went out for a drink after supper at about 10 to a place around the corner called Caffe Latte. A really nice place with lovely dark wood tables and chairs. Then came home & my air bed was inflated and we all crashed. Eee bi gum was I exhausted with an early start and the release if pressure I was sure to get a good nights sleep.


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