Latest Developments – Squad Announcement

27 April

Latest developments – Squad Announcement

I can’t believe that it is now only a staggering 59 days until I fly – that’s like LESS than 2 months.


The squad was announced last Tuesday.  Rather an odd day for me all in all. Dave, who I sit next to at work, somehow has Sky Sports News on his mobile and so after an hour of me getting excited and pretty much unable to sit still for the excitement of finding out who are going to be the boys of my summer he offered me to watch it on there.  So I did. I think I might have let out a small yelp of excitement when Mearsy got read out.  According to the Bath Rugby website he was in the clubhouse with some of the boys watching on the tv and didn’t know until his name was read out and of course, being hooker it was right near the end. I could go on and on about my choice for selection and so on I am surprised by the England Old boys and the omittance of Croft but am more than relieved that Cipriani was not named and amused that Borthers, Ryan Jones and Blair didn’t make it?! (Blair might be though due to first injury to Tomas O’Leary)


Later on that day I heard the news that Rach is going back to America for good in August and things weren’t quite so exciting anymore all the memories that I have of the rugby we have always been together for and are rarely seen apart down at the Rec – most odd and next season is just going to seem, well quite lonely I guess. Totally different.  But I’ve got no choice I will have to get on and get used to it. :o(


Last Friday night the BRSC held the annual Race Night which was as fun as ever and there was a darned good turn out.  It was all in aid of Lee for his testimonial charity.  I went armed with the two Lions shirts that I am taking – the actual strip and the Cotton Traders one with a collar that is general that I had Sparksy and 30 put on the back. Managed to get him to sign both of them for me and went away dead chuffed.  Also managed to make (and consequently loose) on the horses but it meant all I spent money on was my, Ellie and Greg’s drinks.




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