12 May



So Saturday gone was a big day semi-final play offs and all.  It was going to be a loose loose situation for me though.  I’d be sad if we lost but even more gutted had we won as I couldn’t make it as it is Mike and Hannah’s wedding this weekend.  I guess that the best team won and all and it certainly makes things easier for the wedding this weekend but we so didn’t really seem hot enough to want the place in the final – or was it that Leicester were far to good?! I think that I prefer the latter interpretation. 


When things were not going swimmingly about two thirds of the way through the match it suddenly dawned on me that no matter what the result of the match I was watching the next live match of rugby that I would be watching would be the 2nd test of the Lions.  The loss suddenly paled into insignificance as yet another wave of extreme excitement came over me. It is getting ever so close now and I have already started making lists of things to do both before I go and things to pack for while I am out there.


I heard back from my cousin in Cape Town yesterday and sadly he is not going to be there during my short stay in the city, but I have plenty of other things to do so that is fine by me. I also heard from Lauren on the weekend as we need to catch up this week – sounds like she is getting as excited as I am which is so cool.  I can’t believe it is nearly two whole years since I last saw her and I just can’t wait to see her again.  I miss her loads and am looking forward to seeing Lauren world over here, staying at her place and meeting her friends and family.  We are all geared to Skype after my nail appointment on Thursday.  It will be the first time that she has seen my hair of course!!! Wonder what she will think!!


I’ve attached photos of the latest top that I have purchased for the Lions as well as the two that I have only just gotten around to taking photos of that I got Lee to sign for me at the Race Night in April.



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