Busy few days

Wednesday was a mental day at work to put it mildly – I have another job title under my belt for Business Development Team Organiser and I was already being asked to do more things, yeay busy!! I had an appointment after work which was a massive brain dump and fricking draining to put it mildly. I felt as if I had had a ten tonne lorry run over me – totally flat. I let myself feel a little like that whilst I popped into Sainsbury’s to pick up the steak and more chips for the others which I had failed to do last night as I just HAD to have a glass of vino after the tickets turned up and thus never made it to Sainsbury’s! After rushing home to make sure that I was not leaving anyone on the doortstep I managed to turn up at exactly the same time as Jimmer and Stace who were armed with Choccies, vino, and also a beautiful orchid which Sky was far more interested in for most of the evening! After the vino was put in the fridge and the excitement had started we awaited HG’s arrival. On went the Lions. . . . . What a match!! We had decided that Stuart Barnes clearly has been using the word of the day bog roll as he was coming out with some classic words in his commentary. I did supper after the match which we watched on pause play so that we could see the pre-match chat and so on and I have to say the steaks were pretty darned good, even if I say so myself. AND I managed no to smoke the entire house out!!! Mearsy got a try, god how we screamed with joy. We were all like sort of ooo, whats the term? Well like Mum’s proud of their son – bless him. God, imagine is he gets another in the Second of Third Test – OMG that would just be soooo awesome. I’m going to be as hyper as hell anyway but if he gets a try I hate to think what Ill be like!!!

Thursday was an evening around at my friend Pam’s that I taught with at Regis many moons ago. Some shite had thrown a boulder over the fence which had landed on Holly (the dogs) foot so I was helping hold fort as the kids and Pam were all over the place. The poor thing had to have part of her leg amputated which is just SO uncalled for. The Police are involved now as they are pretty sure who did it even though sadly they did not see them. Whilst I was there I spoke to Simon (Tour Leader) and sorted out the arrangements for 2 weeks today. Oh sorry did I forget to mention that? 2 weeks to go!!! I am going to pick him up in the morning and drive over to Mum and Dad’s where I am dropping off my car as I don’t want to leave it on the street for 3 weeks and then either Mum or Dad (probably the latter as Mum has Lip Reading on a Wednesday) will take us up to Heathrow. The flight goes at like 5pm but we will be there from like 12.30 – Ill be on the ceiling by then I think! It was good to hear him getting all excited too though I have to say and catch up about some of the plans for while we are there like the Robben Island Tour and supper out in Camps Bay with some of one of the other groups whose Tour Leader is Dani (as in the girl I have been in touch with at Gullivers over previous months). Sounds like a plan to me and then of course up Table Mountain on the ‘Day off’ and that I did read it right there are 4 possibly 5 Game Drives. OMG can’t wait 3 weeks today Sundowners in the Bush (probably a Castle if I have anything to do with it!!!) with the native sounds of the African Bush all around. BLISS!

Friday was a trip into Cardiff which was a nightmare as Jane from work and I had been waiting for the tickets to turn up from her Dad all week as he sent them first class on Monday but we had not seen them. In Fridays post she had a postage to pay card and zipped off to see what it was and THANK GOD it was our Oasis tickets. Seriously excited. It had only taken me a whopping 14 or 15 years to see them live. I did have the opportunity of Maine Road back in 1997 but thanks to the joys of some of the little beauties that I was at school with I was told at the 11th hour that actually they didn’t want me to go and someone else was going instead of me. Charming hey?! – Welcome to the inclusive environment of an all girls school. I think it had kind of haunted me for years so it was such a frickin buzz actually seeing them. The Enemy and Kasabian were supporting who I am both quite keen on. Kasabian were totally awesome though and when I heard Fire come on the radio this morning I was not only singing but boogying in the shower too. But Oasis themselves – ah. Worth every penny that was paid to see them. We had a really nice couple sitting next to us, the husband of whom was in the same position as me as he too had never seen them live but had always wanted to. He didn’t do what I do when they came on to Live Forever I think it was. I started crying. The emotion of finally getting to see them suddenly overwhelmed me. Tears of joy though. Even though it was a Dig Out Your Soul Tour they played loads of their old stuff which the crowd went wild for. They were, well words cant really describe it well enough. Fucking A though I think might be a good one! Safe to say I slept like a baby and woke up this morning at 10.15am. Check me out!


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