Popped home after filling up the car on the way home from work expecting to pick up my cossie and dry towel and head back out to the pool at the gym and do a few laps in there. Fat chance after I spotted what was on the doormat after opening the door! A rather shiney white bag and I was not entirely sure what it could be until I remembered the date and that it is coming up close to two weeks until I leave (the time in which we are mean to have the tickets and so on sent out) . On picking it up a shriek once again erupted as it was indeed the tickets etc. Bugger the idea of swimming! I poured myself a glass of vino to celebrate and carefully opened the package to see what it contained apart from my tickets! A guide on the names of everyone in the tour, info on a sim card that could be useful but on looking further on the website in relation to it the calls don’t appear to be free when people call you despite what the letter said. I need to double check with la as to whether she has sent me an SA sim or not. Also there was the luggage labels for all of the bags and a cover and so on to hold it all in. I have read it all once and got excited and had to put it down and concentrate on something else my poor little heart is racing with excitement!! They even give you copies of the itinerary so that you can leave one behind – very clever!! Saves typing it out again for Mum and Dad!

I finally got around to emailing everyone in the address book the link to this last night. Quite odd to now think that other people are actually reading this and its not so quiet and personal as it once was! Things will pick up when I am out there, still cant decide whether or not to actually do a handwritten diary as well or not – don’t think I can be bothered or have enough time!!!

So match no 4 tomorrow evening. I have a doctors appointment and so I am not going to be able to make it down to the Royal Oak in time and so I will be watching it at home on delayed start – god I LOVE Sky +! I want to watch all the hype and so on but my appointment is due to finish 5.30 the other side of Bath – will never make it back quickly in that time. Stace and Jimmer are coming over and Helen Grace too and I have said I will do supper – steak and chips (well chips for them – steamed veg for me – JOYOUS!) pretty easy. Was meant to go out and do the shopping for that this evening – oh well, probably better if I buy the steaks tomorrow anyway. Eeek! I put the Lions strip through the wash and thankfully none of Mearsy’s signature faded!!

P.S. BUGGER – the baggage allowance between cities is only 20kg I am going to have to pay SHED loads in excess baggage.


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