Last before the Tests

Having invited myself and Rach up to Mummy Pen and Kelvin to watch the match we were also treated to supper – lucky us! I got there straight after work and caught up with how Pen has been doing and if her hair is starting to fall out – I am amazed (and so pleased for her) that it hasn’t yet. She is fully prepared for the time when it starts coming out in clumps and that is when the clippers are coming out. The wig she has got is so like like it is great it needed a little fiddling with when I saw it as it had only a little fringe. She still seems in amazingly good spirits despite the excruciating pain that she is in at times. She has found out that she can take the two pain killers that she has been given together and as a result I hope that things are a little easier for. It was a beautiful evening and the sun was beaming down on the right side of the house, the English countryside looks so beautiful on days like this.

Kelvin had his shirt on and I put mine on Rach came with hers and so Kelvin went to find Pen’s as we all sat in their front room watching the match from earlier as it was on at lunchtime on a weekday – stupid timing but the joys of Sky + meant that we could watch it at like 6 once Rach had turned up. I had kept off the internet and the updates on my phone all day just in case I found out the score. It was odd seeing Frikkie Welsh and Wylie Human playing – they have bulked up quite a bit to put it mildly since leaving us. I remember Frikkie quite well as he was definitely around the first Christmas that I worked in the shop and I remember the name Wylie Human but I couldn’t have picked him out in a line out. There was also a Bristol player – Turner (can’t remember his Christian name though) that was out on holiday in South Arica at the time and was asked to play. I am pretty sure that it was the Southern Kings that Mike Catt might have played for – I am sure that I heard rumours that he was asked and he might have been one of the few to have played both for and against the Lions.

Thankfully we won the match but to be honest it really was not the most convincing of wins to put it mildly. With the Test coming up on Saturday it was interesting to see some people trying to put in a performance and really not doing well at all. Shane Williams did not start as he had a stomach bug but he came off the bench towards the end and highly amusingly did not get a hand on the ball – oh, shame!!! It is quite a thought that the First Test is only on Saturday. Eeeks!!

I heard from Lauren on Monday – she has booked a place in the Drakensburgs for a couple of nights while I am there which should be awesome. I know that the hot water bottle will come in handy there as the weather will be very cold at night up there. She has sent an SA sim card but only by normal post as they were wanting to chasrge her a fortune to send it over here and if that does not get to me then she will send one to the hotel with dome rands already on there. It will make life so much easier when I am out there for getting in touch with her and Juliet. She is still getting just as excited as me which is cool. I must remember to put her Bench top in my luggage, thinking about it I totally forgot to tell her that I have not been through all of her stuff at the top of my wardrobe, just have not had the time but also I really wont be able to take much as I am only on 20KG.

I was meant to have gone swimming today but I have zilcho motivation after my appointment with Katrina. She got me thinking that the reason why I am sleeping even worse than usual is because I am worried about not having my support network around me and what I will do if I am having an off day. I can’t very well hide in my bed for a day – that will just be awkward and raise eyebrows. I am soooo excited don’t get me wrong but I am still having that niggle at the back of my mind. Also so often when I feel a bit pants a certain black creature with a silver collar is always at my side sitting right on me giving me licks to make sure I am ok and she isn’t going to be. Trust me to find fricking negatives in going away. Made me certain that I need to get the sim card which means when people call me it is free to me as Mum can phone me every night and keep in touch without it costing a fortune. I MUST do that this evening after finishing this as it might not turn up in time otherwise.

Tomorrow I have another appointment after work which I will bring up the negative thoughts of the trip. Oooh I may have bungy jumped off a bridge in 2000 I have just remembered what I am going to try and do this time – abseil down the side of Table Mountain – I just have to hope that it is not too windy which prevented me from doing it back in 2000. Another fantastic feeling – but yet you are tied on with ropes. After I am going over to Helen’s as she needs help with the twins as Andrew is going out and she does not want to have to ask the in-laws if she can possibly help it and frankly who am I to turn down cuddles with my godchildren to be?!! Plus I can hear all about their holiday to the Isles of Scilly. On Friday I have a visit to the Travel Nurse in the new Doctor’s Surgery so that I can get my Malaria tablets and any VIAL injections that need topping up before the trip over as I am almost positive that my Tetanus needs updating. I am also having my hair trimmed on Friday and, if I can be bothered I will see if I can venture into the pool again at the gym if not it will be Saturday and Sunday mornings. That prior to the first Test and taking Sky back to Granny and Grandpa!!


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