Its lunch time on Friday before the first test and I am feeling as sick as a dog – I thought it was hunger but nope. Its friggin butterflies about later. Not tomorrow, thats just pure excitement that the actual first test is here. These are for the big trip this afternoon. My trip to be stabbed in the arm and be given yet more drugs to take. I hate injections with a passion and have even brought Bunny into work with me so that she can calm me down in the Doctor’s Surgery later – sad isn’t it! I get myself in SUCH a tizz over the whole thing. Hugo knocked the Doctor while he was giving me one while I was very small and it slit the skin – eww I am squirming in my seat just thinking about it I remember having to have my BCG at school, I didn’t sleep for days prior and was given good luck cards by several friends. I am also hoping that the Malaria tablets won’t give me too many really nasty side effects, particularly with my other meds too. Could be an interesting few days!

I remembered to book a table at the Royal Oak again managed to get the last one for Jimmer, Stace and HG I must actually remember to take some photos this time!! So we are all set – I just need to work out Tuesday evenings viewing location and I am sorted!

Penny and Kelvin had blue, black and white wigs which they dug out for me so the red one will be abandoned and I now have that one instead – I look like a prized banana in it – but that is half of the point. They also lent me their Gulliver’s Binoculars, a very clever idea. You would have thought that they would have thought of that this time around with some of us going on Game Drives as well?! So I can actually pretty much pack this weekend. Wooo hoooo! Just the last wash to do and put the clothes away so I don’t have a massivo pile to do when I get back on the 16th of July, hoover, check on the Sky+ for while I am away, chuck out the things in the fridge that will go off – ooh and I need to sort out money. I thikn it might be best to write a list at this stage!!

6 days!!!

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