The First Test (on the TV)

I am not quite sure if it is actually possible to get much more excited as I was on Saturday – the goose bumps and shivers going up and down my spine were relentless all through the pre-match program, even if I had to watch it through a sea of bodies. Stace and I ended up in standing on the bench so that we could see the screen. The only issue that was raised then was the jumping up and down when we scored a try of throwing your hands in the air to celebrate and whacking them on the ceiling and thus skinning your knuckles – all the name in support! Stace, being taller than me, managed to jump up and smack her head on the ceiling and swears that she saw stars!!

The first twenty mins of the match was actually painful to watch and I was screaming and shouting as loud as ever. But dear god the last 20 mins was edge of the seat stuff. Once again it was the scrum that seemed to let us down/it looked like the opposition were cheating and we seemed to ‘give away’ so many penalties. The there was also the issue of Mears who in my mind (of course I am biased) has had a fantastic tour so far but he was made to look crap on Saturday. All of the calls for him were long and he seemed to overestimate the length needed and as a result we lost a fair amount of ball but then when a replacement is brought on all of his calls are short which of course we get. I really really hope that it does not hinder his chances of staring again next week or indeed in the final test. The Springboks looked a little like they were flaking out towards the end, where as it almost as if we picked up and increased the effort another level. I guess that might be because they have not been playing together more recently where as we have had the last few weeks or so – I don’t know.

Spoke to Lauren after the match as we were wondering around Sainsbury’s as I knew that she was having a braai with her family and stuff as the tickets were SO absurdly expensive for them out there and of course she was full of it because they had won!! (I would have been the same to be fair!) She was getting just as excited as I am eeeeek! She was telling me how she is going to get the brother that lives out in Pietermaritzburg to come down for a night and stay at hers so that I get to meet him too. SO the only Rush I wont get to see are Mummy and Daddy :O( I spoke to Daddy Rush though on the phone as it was his birthday the day before and so I wished him a Happy Birthday and commiserated that I would not be seeing them. La clearly has loads of ideas of things to and plans a foot. The Berg is all booked and I am really looking forward to that as it is SO beautiful up there. (That is when the hot water bottle will come in very handy!)

I managed to survive the jabs on Friday, my notes had not come over from my old surgery and so there was no history of my jabs. The only one that I wanted and knew that I MUST be out of was Tetanus there is no time to start having leads more and its not like plan on drinking any dirty water so I got that done and also got Malaria tablets. They are a new form which are apparently fine with my other meds (I was a little concerned) and don’t make you as sick as the old types did. I only have to take them 2 days before I enter the malarial area, while I am there and then for 7 days afterwards. Fingers crossed all will now be well with that and even if I do get eaten alive as I am apparently irresistible I won’t suffer apart from the itches and bites!

So it’s Sunday afternoon and I have not done the main thing I wanted to get done today – take Sky back to Granny and Grandpa to be pampered and spoilt rotten for the next 3 weeks. I have no idea where the little madam is – she has not appeared since yesterday morning when we left for the pub for the match. I am trying not to get concerned and panicked its just ruddy frustrating as I am going to have to come back after work tomorrow and get her and then go back to Mum and Dads, also I never got to see Dad on Fathers Day. There is no point in going back to see him anyway as they have ben out to lunch today. Instead I have done the washing the packing and the organising – well part of and I just need to put away the clothes that are dry and iron some of the stuff on the drying rack and have a nice relaxing bath and go to bed before I explode of excitement that it is 3 days tomorrow!!!


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