The night before

I really can’t believe that I am actually here. The night before I fly. The last couple of days at work have been MENTAL for one reason or another and as frankly only I do best I have been doing nothing but stressing about leaving stuff for everyone else to do bladebladeblah. I am out of it now I have done what I can and I know full well they will all be fine without me – does not stop the stressing though!

I am packed – god alone knows how. I have taken stuff out twice and yet still could hardly carry the case downstairs. but now it is safely in the car ready for the morning. I have nearly everything sorted for the hand luggage which too ways a tonne as I have my laptop amongst other things in there.

I watched the last match on the tv on Tuesday on my own – for the first time this series. I had loads of things to do and was late back from work, well later than I had planned and had not been for a swim – I needed a serious glass of plonk after the day at work! Some things just have to give. So I have joined the gym and been the sum total of once since! Well that was value for money or what. I hope things will be less mental when I return and I can actually go more often.

I have taken Sky over to ‘Granny and Grandpa’ after she eventually returned at some crazy hour on Monday morning. It was as if she knew! She is all settled thankfully, sadly no Flora to keep her company as Mum had her put down a fortnight ago. We had been warned it was imminent for a fair few months – does not make it any easier though does it?

Is this really happening?

Is this all FINALLY real?

Will I get a wink of sleep?!



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